South Africa’s failing Postal Service

SA Post Office faces liquidation
I am saddened by the continued devaluing of important communication infrastructure and systems in South Africa.

I also wanted to highlight this piece of news to illustrate the difficulty and sheer luck that one might have in swapping cards if the basis of the swap is a ‘sent from origin’, especially countries where the postal services are defunct.

As a South African based abroad, I have encountered many people on the forums who have been unyielding in their requests to only send them cards from South Africa. Still, the facts speak for themselves, and I thought it best to raise awareness of the challenges that my fellow countrymen, country-women and other folks face in trying to remain part of the snail mail community.


Hardly unexpected or surprising. They already deliver to only about a quarter of the countries in the world due to cost, can not afford to pay their rent, etc.

Not to be callous, but basically every service is going the way of Eskom. Except, they suffer a quick death, and not a painful, drawn out one like Eskom.

Edited to add: I checked the Postal Monitor: They do not deliver to 141 countries.


So sad :frowning: .

I’m a fan of South African stamps and banknotes. But the success of reaching swap materials to both sides is less than 10%.

Hope they will bounce back.


They have great stamps! I don’t collect bank notes, but I can see collectors loving them for their design and color. :smile:

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Although this is bad news, thank you for posting the information. Additionally, Eskom announced Stage 5 load shedding this morning, which, according to news reports, could mean power outages up to 10 hours. I hope things get better in South Africa.


I’m afraid the latest update from South Africa isn’t very encouraging :frowning: