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Hi, is it possible to alphabetically sort the list of tags in the drop down menu at top of the page? It is a little awkward to search for a tag there when you are not quite sure what keyword you are looking for.

That is already possible - you can sort them by name or by counts

Screenshot_2021-03-29 Services similar to Postcrossing


I think @hankadl refers to the dropdown, which come with unordered tags

(Just a example picture, there are still no tags in the suggestion categorie.)

Yes, you’re right. I had overlooked that she wrote about the drop down menue.

But because there are too many tags to display them all in the drop-down menu you first see only a small selection and only by entering the initial letters you find the matching tags.
It is therefore advisable to select the tags from the list beforehand.

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Yes, I ment the drop down menu. I should have added a picture, sorry. Using the searchbar is definitely useful but you need to know exactly what tag you are looking for. I was looking for a tag but didn’t remember the name. It would be more comfortable if the list was sorted.

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Ah okay. I have never searched for tags in all categories, but only in individual category lists. That’s why I didn’t know about this drop-down menu.
Yes, I have to agree with you - it would really make sense if the tags were sorted alphabetically there.

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