Sorting postcards

Hii fellow postcrossers!

I have a lot of postcards to choose from, so now I have bought some boxes for it. Also I have tabs to categorize them. I have 50 tabs (20 wasn’t enought i figured) so my question is, what categories have you sorted your cards in?

Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile:


Hej :slight_smile:

I didn’t count my categories, so let’s see what I have:

My city, my country, Europe, Black & White, animals, architecture, water, erotic, book, mail, space, months, season, flowers, transport, food, art, hobbies, celebreties, fashion, DIV, ad-cards


If you go to a postcard collectors’ show, they are usually sorted either topically (by subject) or geographically. I sort mine topically. One thing you might consider is looking at a number of postcrosser profiles to see what people like to get, then choose the more popular subjects as your categories depending on how they fit the stash you’ve got. Interesting and fun problem to solve!.


Thank you both!

@eta55 good idea, i’m gonna do that! And yes, it’s a fun ‘problem’ and it takes some time to fix hahaha.

For now i have;

  1. art / museum
  2. autumn
  3. Blue cats
  4. birds
  5. birthday
  6. books / reading
  7. castles / buildings
  8. cats
  9. children
  10. christmas
  11. country’s / cities
  12. Disney
  13. dogs
  14. farm animals / pets
  15. fantasy
  16. fish
  17. flowers / botanical
  18. food / recepts
  19. funny
  20. halloween / scary
  21. Harry Potter
  22. hobbies
  23. Holland
  24. illustrated
  25. my city
  26. lighthouses
  27. mammals (zoogdieren)
  28. maps
  29. movies / tv / celebs
  30. nature / landscapes
  31. people
  32. postcards / mailboxes
  33. quotes / sayings
  34. random
  35. reptiles / amphibians / insects
  36. shaped
  37. sights / bezienswaardigheden
  38. space / earth
  39. spring
  40. sports
  41. summer
  42. theme parks
  43. transport (cars, planes, ships, trains, trams)
  44. trash
  45. vintage
  46. winter

I think you’re on a good way. Depending on the size of your stash you could combine some categories, if needed (children+people; fish+reptiles, fantasy+halloween+space, …). But of course small categories are fine, maybe even better to handle.

Challenge one: where to put ‘crossover’ (is a painting of a train transport or art?)
Challenge two: keeping things in order (for example if you decide for one card, then change and use a differnt one and forget to put the first card back)

As you will still need to flip through the various cards, you will get the routine of where a card might be, I think (though I myself are surprised regularly)

Conclusion, repeated: I think you’ll find you own practical system very soon (probably better than me)


Mine are: tv shows, miscellaneous, trolls, cities, art, traditional/cultural, animals, Disney, miscellaneous 2, birds, royalty, nature, cats, maxi cards, opera/dance, illustrations, transport, humor, books, angels, foreign cities/landscapes, children’s lit illustrations, buildings, seasonal (Easter, Christmas), famous people. I put a lot in misc. and misc. 2 and end up knowing I have a certain card but not where it is :sweat_smile:


-Art (artists)
-Animals (different animals categories)
-Random (a mix of random cards)
-AD/Free cards
-Quotes (calender and normal cards)
-Christian cards
-Usually shape and sizes
-The illustration cards are in a alphabetical format


I have:

  • Postal & Postcrossing
  • Tampere (my former home town)
  • Finland
  • Boats, Coast & Lighthouses
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Music
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Squirrels
  • Hedgehogs
  • Foxes & Wolves
  • Big Cats
  • Bears
  • Deer & Moose
  • Birds
  • Flowers & Butterflies
  • Winter & Christmas
  • Bunnies & Easter
  • Reading
  • Star Wars, Harry Potter & LOTR
  • Moomins
  • Mermaids, Dragons etc.
  • Transportation
  • Own tabs for several postcard artists (like Inge Löök and Virpi Pekkala)
  • Birthday cards
  • Miscellaneous (too big of a category :see_no_evil:)

Maxicards are in their own album.

I have also scanned all of the cards and categorized them on my computer. It makes it easier to choose the right card :raised_hands:


No separate categories for windmills? For wooden shoes? For Heineken? For famous one-eared artists?


Thank you! :joy:


@Wildurf @jeffbh I guess it depends how big the stock is … I can say that I have several boxes of postcards and then it is very helpful to have detailed categories, otherwise you would be lost or have to raffle through all the Cards everytime you Are looking for something specific - Not to good for the cards as well.
I wanted to Tell the categories as asked for - now rather I don’t - just so much: Yes there is a category for windmills :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry you don’t want to share your categories anymore through some reactions. But you’re right about looking for a card. If you want you can share your categories with me through PM cause it would really help me if you have something that I’ve missed! :slight_smile:

I will write tomorrow when I am at Home :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothing at all :wink: Maybe it’s time for a Forrest Gump rewatch? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I only had 10 labels so I have made 10 categories for my cards:

Wild mammals
Pets and farm animals
Birds and insects
Reptiles and amfibians
Flowers, plants, coral & shells
Fish and seamammals
The Netherlands, Europe & nature scenery
Fantasy, reading & Disney
Planets & outer space
Other, holidays & seasons

So, I can use about 10 extra tabs to sort it all out a bit further, for instance my section of birds & insects is very big so I really want to split them up. Same with Fantasy, reading & Disney. I want to have a separate category for Disney cards.
In also have some home-made cards with pictures of my own, so I need a different category for that also XD


The original question is about sorting and categorizing unused cards to send out, not asking about how to sort received cards, although I think there is another topic about that too :slight_smile:


I guess sometimes good-natured joking (in this case, the mention of certain stereotypical things that people might associate with the Dutch) has to be accompanied by emojis, otherwise there are those who might not understand.


You’re comment is literally causing people to hold back on posting their categories. Perhaps it is not us who misunderstand your ‘joke’, but it’s you who didn’t write down the ‘joke’ correctly.

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Dear @reiselustig and @njcgregoor :heart:
I was not by any means laughing at your stock system but rather at my self and my hoard of cards.
You are absolutely right: it depends how big the stock is. One category for cats is not enough, we need one for playing cats, one for sleeping cats, one for eating cats… And further on: eating cat/ blue plate/ white plate/
yellow plate… And @jeffbh just nailed it!
I´m truly sorry if you felt insulted :frowning:
That was not my meaning at all, apologies!


This is such a fun topic. These are my categories:

Mental health/encouragement