Sorry, there is something wrong with one of my account

Hello! This is Mingfei. I am so sorry that there is something wrong with my another account. I can not log in to it(not sure if it was hacked or something like that, and I also can not log in to the email which is connected with that account). I sent an email to postcrossing admin asking them to register all incoming postcards of that account and set it into inactive, but I haven’t get any reply from them. And I also trying to contact with the customer service of that email’s company. So if you are the admin of postcrossing or working in the customer services of NetEasy company, please send me a pm, I really need your help.

There are some postcards I received via that account, I am so sorry that I can not register these postcards. If you are the sender, would you please be patient? I will try my best to fix my account asap and get your postcard(s) registered. I am so sorry about this.

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Could it be deleted? Or can you still see it?

The f.a.q says:
“Postcrossing monitors the project for multiple accounts held by a single person, and we reserve the right to delete any such accounts without warning.”
(about having multiple accounts)


Aren’t cards of a deleted account registered automatically? In which case OP lost her account, but the people that send cards, will have them registered.

Yes, I think this is how it works.
One of my sent card was registered because the account was deleted.
I can see my card, and that it is registered, but I can’t go to the recipient’s account (because it’s deleted).

So maybe the cards are registered?
Anyways, I think there must be more problems if they can’t log into their email (I forgot this earlier :slight_smile: ).

You @Mingfei7 should still be able to see the account, when you are signed in here, right?

(Also maybe stupid hints, but try different computer, browser etc, for your email, and clear your history and run your antivirus, and then try again)

You can find out if they have been registered (automatically) if you search the ID of these postcards.


All other accounts with mingfei(number) can’t be found.