✅ Something wrong with searching users?

I think there is something wrong with searching users https://www.postcrossing.com/search/users
It is possible to do once and everything is okay, but if you change something like Region or City/Place or Logged within last and then hit the button Search nothing happens. It does not change the result. And you have to click Reset and put all again. I’m pretty sure it has been working fine before because I like to use it often :blush:

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As far as I remember, you always had to refresh the page or click Reset before starting a new search.
But let’s hear what other users have to say.
Maybe my memory is deceiving me.

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I have done it now and then that I have for example checked new ones in towns nearby and it has been working right just changing the town. There was no need to reset before. Now I tried this with two different computers and my phone.

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I checked. I have the same problem.
What I did:

  1. selected country, region, and city
  2. clicked on “search”, got the result
  3. changed city, clicked on “search” -> nothing happened
  4. did it again -> nothing happened
  5. selected another region and on of its cities, clicked on “search” -> nothing happened
  6. I choose another country, region and city, clicked on “search” -> the same result
    And when I was choosing new city/region/country I always saw “loading…” written under the filter by location

But as I remember, this problem didn’t exist a couple of weeks ago ±. I was looking for the sender of my card and selected different regions and cities several times. Everything worked well.

I hope this information will be helpful…

Upd: I did it now and before from my phone, I don’t know if something is different on computer

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Same problem here too. It has never happened before.

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A bug slipped through today together with an unrelated update. This should now work as expected.

Thank you for reporting it, @Silpa!


Yes, it works as it should do, no bugs! Thanks a lot for your great work :sparkles:

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