Someone sent me a postcard from Los Angeles. Was it you?

It’s a long shot I know but I’m looking for the sender of this fabulous card which arrived from USA but had been damaged by USPS. The ID is mostly torn away. It was sent in June from Los Angeles to Wales.

The Postcrossing missing ID system hasn’t managed to locate it yet - I assume that there are a lot of Postcrossers in Los Angeles!

Hi, may I suggest writing a little note in your official profile? If it’s an official card, maybe the sender isn’t in the forums? In which case, they’ll probably check in on your official profile if the card hasn’t been registered in a while, and hopefully see your note then.

I would suggest to request the Postcrossing team’s help via this link on the “Register” page: [](https://search the Postcard ID). Fill out the form and the team will find the ID for you. It usually takes some hours, but this time it may take longer as World Postcard Day is tomorrow. Good luck!

Thanks @mikebond.
Yes, I have approached Postcrossing to try to find the missing ID but it doesn’t seem to be proving easy. I thought a direct approach to the US community might just find the sender although I do understand that only a proportion of the Postcrossers are on the forum.
It seemed worth a try anyway!

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Maybe show a little part of writing side. Somebody may recognize whose writing it is.

Thanks @xxiiangel
I’ll try that

Have you tried DNA analysis?

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