Someone messaging from two accounts?

Hello all. I had a message for a direct swap which is exciting. I asked them for their address and the responded from what they say is their daughters account to give me the this normal ?

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Hmm, this is weird. They did give you their address (unless its not their address) So I would just mail them the postcard or letter WITHOUT your address.

You could also just ignore it or say your not interested.

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Maybe they had already reached the possible number of PMs that they can send daily with her own account.

It doesn’t really matter which account they use to send you the address, but if you are unsure, ask them to send you a message from their own account.


They did give me their address with the name from their original account. It just struck me as odd

That is odd. Maybe flag it or something? You could just ignore it or say your not interested anymore?

Or you could ask why


Thats a good idea @cleopatra-matta

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It’s not normal.
If I do swaps, I try to add my username and usually they add theirs, makes it easier to communicate and know who is the sender.

I see you are a new member, and earlier there was discussion someone “targeting” new members, wanting to do private swaps, wanting you to send first. So I would be a little “alerted”, how many swaps they do then, are they willing to send first etc.

But can be just normal interest.

I would ask which account they wish to use to communicate, and ask them to send first.


@S_Tuulia is right, it isnt normal. They were targeting new members as well.

I think @Bille might be right but @S_Tuulia advice is very good. If it something felt off I would just send a message to the original account and ask them to confirm it was them who sent the message. :blush:


They messaged me also.

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Hey, @Annazon would you send me their username? Im going to try something.

I sent you screen captures

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@jikka2012 and @Annazon

If someone of you suspects that something is wrong with this swap, please flag the PM and an admin or moderator will look into it.

PMs are private and should not be shared with other users without the senders permission.


Thank you! The pm went to my email instead of on here, how do I flag?


Then the message did not come from the forum, but from the main page?

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I’m not sure. I’m still pretty new to postcrossing so I’m not sure how

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It looked as they sent it from the main page, from the screenshots you sent me.


Because it is from the main page please write to the support about this :arrow_right: Contact us
You can choose “other” in the drop down menue and tell them about what happend.

Please do not delete the message you received, but do not reply to it either.

And please be patient - It may take a few days before you receive a reply from the support.