[SOLVED] Searching for forum users - going to their profile page directly from search results


When I use the search bar in the forum:

… it says I can search for a user. But the search results never lead to a user’s forum profile page, it only searches the forum posts for where the user is mentioned/has posted.

Like this (if I search for myself):

In the old forum, there was a place you could search specifically for a user’s forum profile page. Is it just me missing something?

The reason why I want to do this is because I am the host of an RR (a very slow-moving one) and I want an easy way to check specific users’ profiles for the last time they were in the forum, and when they were last active. This is because sometimes it takes months for a group to fill up, and by that time I don’t know if the users are still around to participate.

I realise a workaround is to @ tag every participant in the admin posts of my RR, but I wish to avoid this as some people have notifications on for every time they are @ tagged, and this might get annoying for some people.

I hope my question makes sense. I do think that we should be able to look up people’s forum profiles directly from the search bar, and that it should be the first available result.

Note: I’m specifically talking about finding forum profiles, and not official profiles on the Postcrossing main site.


when I search for you for example, I get a direct link to your profile, I guess that is what you’re looking for, right?!

or didn’t I understand your question?!

Thank you imbrito! I don’t get that! When I search for you, this is what I get:

did you try directly in the search bar? (without going to the search page) (it seems to be the diference…)

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Ohhhhh I get it now. I hit Enter, that’s why the profile doesn’t show up. If I don’t hit Enter when I search, the profile comes up on the right like you.

That’s incredibly stupid IMO but it’s solved my question, thank you!!

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