[Solved] Repeat 'sending address' issued?

I have been a Postcrosser for 8 glorious years, and for the very first time I have been issued with a repeat address when I requested to send my latest outgoing postcard this morning! I was really amazed, that out of 804,639 members I would be lucky enough to press the request button at exactly the right time for this to occur! I wondered here on forum - has this happened to other members? The member I am sending to is in Germany, and I sent a postcard to her in 2020. Writing my reprise this morning, and I hope she will be as amazed as I am.


I have seen it happen before based on other people’s favorites/wall but I haven’t had it happen to me.

I think that’s really cool! Enjoy the moment!


Are you sending to the same account? I’ve seen it happen when the recipient has more accounts

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Same account - I was so surprised when I looked at her ‘favourites wall’ to get inspiration for selecting a postcard that she might appreciate - to see my former card as one of her previous ‘favourites’!


Did you send your first card from a different account?

And did she actually received the postcard from you? If you only looked at the favorite wall, there could be postcards she liked but didn’t received. The wall only displays the ID number and the account who sent the postcard. If you click the ID number, is she the recipient? If so, it’s interesting, because as far as I know, exchanges should be unique, unless multiple accounts are involved.


I agree. I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen. If the same accounts really are involved, both sender and recipient, then is this a bug ?

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It is not possible to draw the same account a second time if the first card has been registered.

You can only draw the same account again if the first card did not arrive and the ID is deleted from the system after one year.

Maybe this user has more than one account and you have now drawn another one.
Or do you have a second account with that you’ve drawn the address first?

If you like, you can send me the user name via PM - maybe we can clarify this together.


Only the one account - haven’t any other user name, kept one account throughout my 8 year membership.

SOLVED! I am ever so grateful to Postcrossing mediator Billie, for prompting me to dig deeper, this is why the Forum part of Postcrossing is so good - I love being able to real-time talk to fellow fans. Way back in 2020 I sent a postcard to the USA and it was ‘liked’ by my newest Postcrossing selection who is in Germany. Wow, still amazing that Postcrossing gave us a thread of connection that links us together. I am selecting the perfect complimentary card to hopefully thrill the receiver again.


@tassiepenny I will now close the topic and change the category and the headline a bit so that other users do not draw false conclusions.
Hope that is fine with you :slightly_smiling_face:


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