Software admonishment shock

The software just told me off. I was composing a reply in a ‘game’ thread when this popped up.

  • Let others join the conversation

  • This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 20% of the replies here.

  • It could be even better if you gave other people space to share their points of view, too. Can you invite them over?

I thought being active was positively encouraged, and all the badges seem to indicate that. What’s a person to do? Post away cheerfully or not? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Give others a chance and calm down a bit. That is what the popup asks for and that is what you should do. If one person keeps posting all the time, then others might prefer to keep away for they do not want to disturb that one person in its solitary game.


I’d like to know which topic you’re referring to. Can you provide a link? I’d wish to see when the software thinks it’s “too much” for the moment.

it’s a game, HYEBT, 120 replies, 38 users, I don’t “keep posting all the time” (post above yours which I find unfriendly). Games are supposed to be active/busy, surely?

Thanks, interesting to see… a lot of participation? Sure, but there are plenty of other posts, too.
I’m curious what the numbers behind are (what the software calculates) and if it is adjustable.

It seem to be if/when you get up to 25 posts in a single thread. In that case, the game threads will be generating multiple admonishments as people join in. I feel as if I’ve been whacked over the head or prodded with a stick, as in ‘hey you, stop posting’. :confused:

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I would feel the same, honestly. Not because of the warning, but mostly because of the tone - from my perspective as a reader.
Maybe is there a way to change the text to a more friendly message? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think the trouble with games ( for this software) is that the posts often are with less content. Maybe a few sentences long?
As discourse encourages a friendly comunication and dicussion, the software notices this as spam?
(Which is not in the games section)

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I didn’t like it either when it happened the first time to me.
Now I don’t even read whatever the forum tries to tell me, it is just annoying that I have to click it away whenever I want to see the preview of my post. E.g. in the Mail Art Directory, I also write a message every time when I add a new link. And every single time the forum tells me that the link has been posted already. I know. That’s the point. So that people can “watch” the topic and immediately be notified and see what’s new.
I got your “Let others join the conversation” message a lot, too. And I also think it is a bit rude. And in many cases it is not justified, namely in games. Discussions, okay, but games? Sometimes, it is good if a few people keep a game fast-moving. Being told off for it kills the fun. Or with RRs, I think the participants wouldn’t like it if I stopped updating as regularly because according to postbot, I am too engaged in this topic :laughing:


@alter3ch0 @Jarana @Feuerstuhl, thank you, especially for this

That postbot doesn’t ‘understand’ the entire methodology behind games and RRs doesn’t surprise me at all.

No, it is just an algorithm, don’t be cross with it, it is too stupid to realise that instead of helping a discussion (which is not happening) to be more diverse, instead it only hurts a person’s feelings. I guess the software was not developed with silly games in mind.

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+1 :wink: Boards / Forums are mainly for discussions and for discussions the hint is true in most cases. I understood your first post wrong and thought you weren’t even able to continue writing there (which would have been a problem!), but please don’t be offended by some sort of algorithm for a general board software which cannot know what each individual community will use this software for.


Don’t ask, if you don’t want a reply!

I’m not cross with it or offended, I’ve moved on (which, when you get to my age, becomes increasingly easy to do). I suppose the games are ‘silly’, but some of them are surprisingly interesting. For instance, Grab the nearest book.


20% of the replies doesn’t have to be 25 replies! it all depends on how many posts there are in the thread already…

I got that message when posting the link to my favourites album on the “send me a card from my favourites album” tag, and I had the same thought as you :joy: I know I’m posting the same link I’ve shared before. That’s the point of the tag :rofl: