Small sticker

I wonder how your stickers can be made. What style? What do you usually do with stickers?

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I love stickers so much!
I put the stickers on the Postcrossing cards or on postcards for friends.
When I was a child I had a big sticker booklet !
Your post inspires me to search my old sticker booklet in the cellar!

Thank you! :smile::star_struck::hugs::hugs:
Happy World Postcrossing Day !

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Thank you! You are happy too!By the way, what is your sticker like? Put all the stickers you collected in a notebook?

I only put the stickers direct on the card or letter/envelope.
Today I have no more sticker booklets
I love different kind of stickers but especially animals, plants, flowers…
What kind of stickers do you have?
If you want you can send me a picture of your favorite stickers on PM @Tarja_akasha
Thank you so much❤️

I can send you also a picture from my favorite ‚SwitzerLand Stickers‘ if you want🤗

I haven’t yet.I don’t have many stickers yet.


Thank youu so much!
So nice! I will send my stickers on PM @kangyaojun

OK, thank you very much.

I like to repurpose the free stickers that are sent to solicit donations before the holidays. These can come in the form of return address stickers, in which case I snip off the address bit to use the little kitten, mushroom, what have you. Better than putting them in the landfill!