Slower USPS Deliveries in 2021

Here was the headline:
USPS slowing some mail delivery starting Oct. 1; these states will experience biggest delays

Apparently 60% of the mail to Florida is going to be delayed! The postage increase goes into effect on August 29th. So…we’ll be paying more for less. It is so disappointing.

I would love to hear what you have to say on this topic!


Well the postal head DeJoy is a Trump appointee and I sure one of his mandates was privatization of the USPS - all of it or in parts. He does have some Biden appointees on his Board of Governors now, but it’s not clear if they have enough clout yet to restore all the massive cuts made during T’s administration.

I’ve been surprised he wasn’t replaced already.

One of the time honoured tactics to promote privatization of public services is to “break” the existing service & then declare that only the private sector can fix it which will often deliver a poorer service & charge higher rates in order to make a profit.

"The slower timeframe allows USPS to shift more of its delivery service away from air transportation and deliver more mail via ground transportation. The agency says air mail is more susceptible to unexpected weather delays and costs more, so the new system will be cheaper and more reliable…

The details of the 10-year plan were first made public in March before being finalized Friday.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy stressed the need to cut costs and modernize the agency’s operations as its workload increasingly shifts from handling letters to hauling more and more packages.

“This is about the long-term viability of the organization under the two missions that we have that are legislated, that is deliver to every house six days a week and be self-sustaining,” DeJoy said."

I’d be making calls to my Congressperson & Senators - most of that 10 year plan was developed under the previous administration & I’d want that to be revisited - you don’t want to give up reliable & fairly affordable public postal service without a fight.


What’s there to say? This outfit is the pits. They are so incompetent they couldn’t sell tents to Bedouins. On an unrelated matter, I ordered stamps from their fulfillment center. Not sure if the order went through. I am on hold waiting for Customer Service; the wait is 20-45 minutes. The shape of things to come I am afraid. Thanks to that head clown.

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In further extremely heartening news, the U.S.P.S. just gave a 120 million dollar contract to a company in which DeJoy and his family have financial interests.

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Did you order using paypal? I did this and even filled out their online help request (which then sent me an email saying it was on its way and the case was closed) only to find that the order was never processed (after calling USPS hotline and waiting 30 min). The rep said that paypal “sometimes doesn’t work” on their website. I placed another order with a cc and it went through, but someone in a fb group I’m in recommended the usps ebay store. I ordered there and the order gets processed faster and they actually had a set of stamps that the usps website said was discontinued.

Good luck!

I got a confirmation eMail for my order. I used a CC rather than PayPal. The only problem I had with the USPS web site was years ago. The order forms were rathern funky (unworkable) on FireFox or Chrome; worked on Microsoft Internet Explorer (now Edge).

I had to mail a priority envelope at the post Office today. I tried to do Click and Ship, but couldn’t tell what the postage would be because the shipping envelope wasn’t clearly :roll_eyes: labeled! Last time I tried Click and Ship I couldn’t tell :confounded:when or if pick up was available. The system is not very intuitive. Ugh! Today, the clerk wasn’t even aware there was a postage increase and when it took effect! Seriously?!

Thanks for posting this! I restarted postcrossing late august and all my postcards are being received in a decent amount of time (even the international ones), but i have yet to get one myself :frowning: My friend who went to finland sent me a postcard, and it’s already been 3 weeks since she’s been back! I guess I just have to accept it and be patient.

Doesn’t post also slow really bad around the holidays too? So we might have a double whammy.

It gets worse and worse… yet another slowdown started yesterday: