Singapore Post - Can I buy stamps with a credit card?

Hello fellow neighbors, I’ll be dropping by Singapore Post for the first time ever and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’d like to get some stamps but I’m not sure if Singapore Post accepts credit card when buying stamps. Should I bring enough cash for that or do they accept card? Because Pos Malaysia only accepts cash for stamps except at their HQ -not sure if Sg would be the same

And is the post office open on weekends?


You can buy stamps using a credit card.

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Yes, you can use cards.

Only certain post offices are open on weekends - the bigger ones in shopping malls.

Please have a look at this site for opening hours: List of Post Office Locations | Singapore Post

Have a good trip to Singapore and enjoy

Edit to add prices of postage: 70 cents for a postcard to Malaysia or Brunei, 80 cents to everywhere else.
1.50 for a letter (20g) internationally.
More info here: Postage Rate | Singapore Post


@Seracker @Oceanfun thank you!

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