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Dear folks,
I run a private English school for elementary school students, and recommend/introduce them to use Postcrossing to have good opportunities for cultural exchange.

Today, at my school, 5 students tried to register Postcrossing, but 4 students failed.
After inputing all necessary information and click the next button, the system showed that Postcrossing discourage to use multiple email addresses.
However, my students use different email addresses respectively, and they all are new to this platform. As an evidence, if I try to sign-in using the email address a student was trying to register, the message says the email address is not registered.

The students shares same wi-fi point. I guess there is some bug to recognize IP address and user account(email address?). Because only one student succeeded in sign-up. May I ask does anyone know a solution for this issue, please?

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Hi Nozumu, Welcome to the Forum! You may get some answers here, but I would contact the Admin crew & they may be able to help & make suggestions on how it can work for your class.

It’s the weekend though, so you’ll likely not get a response til next week from them.

You can send them a message here

Good luck & Happy Postcrossing!


Thank you for your query. When school classes join there needs to be more information provided to Postcrossing so that we can set up multiple accounts.

Contact Postcrossing and we will ask you a serious of questions about your class and then arrange for the multiple accounts to be created.



I singed up 4 weeks ago and got addresses of member who have not been active for weeks. How should I improve on sending postcards if the members I sent to have been inactive for weeks and do not log my postcards I sent? Is this all a con here?

Welcome to Postcrossing! No, this is not a con. Addresses that have been inactive over 30 days will not be sent out. The addresses you pulled are still considered active and have every chance of receiving and registering your postcards. It is a very slow hobby, especially at first, but your patience will be rewarded with interesting postcards from friendly folks around the world.

Keep in mind we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, which has affected mail delivery, as well as personal lives. Not every Postcrosser logs in every day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have ghosted.

You are welcome to join the Round Robins (RR) and Tags in the forum, if you would like to have more (unofficial) postcards arrive sooner. There are Lotteries, too, where you could win a card. Lots of opportunities for fun here. Cheers!


Absolutely not a con.
But as @aerobear says it is a slow hobby. At the start
I only logged on to send or register a postcard so went for ages without logging on when a postcard was making its slow pandemic fuelled journey to me.

Once I found my way to the forum, I saw a lot of complaints about Ghostcrossers and didn’t want to be mistaken for one (or any of the other types of people that trigger complaints) so started logging on every day, giving more detail on my profile etc. But that was quite a while after I joined.

I hope that you end up enjoying Postcrossing for the slow, sedate, hobby that it is.


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