Show Your Most Favourite Cards that You Have


so, now there is a thread to chat about your fave cards you already sent but how about your fave cards that you still have ?

like the cards you have kept for a while to be sent to right persons? or kind of a card you have kept for a long time that you feel hard to let go?

show such cards to us :slight_smile:

as for me, for now, these two cards. a pink cat card was from a local independent printing place. a special retro type of print and probably less available in quantity.

another one is turnowsky christmas card. it is kind of hard to let go for me



I really like this postcard, so I keep it for a long time…
This postcard is from Houl’s moving castle and I got it from a publishing company in Japan.


i feel it is hard to let go of this card by a japanese artist. i have kept it for about 8 years.


really hard to let go of these three cards that feature japanese authors for me. i keep them for myself.

the cards are from 100 postcards from Penguin Modern Classics - box set :

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Yasunari Kawabata

Yukio Mishima

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