Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Thank you! It’s great to have a place and community where I can share some of things I make :grin:


Could you please thank in one post or write pm about your swaps and offers, it gets heavy to read this now, I think most people like to look the art, not read others discussion.

Edit. At least when I see new post, I think “new picture :star_struck:” and then it’s just chat. Like this now, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand this topic is made for sharing cards and mail art, but I think it’s inevitable that sometimes a small conversation would start. Still, I sincerely apologize if this made the thread difficult to read, I’ll try my best to avoid excessive off-topic messages in the future.


I drew one yesterday and I’m very satisfied😉


Maybe, just thinking that when sometimes chat in random thoughts is flagged and told to write pm, that topic for me is not so clear topic-topic like this.

Looks always strange this type of different treatment, others allowed to write off topic and chat, others not :frowning:

(And it’s not only my thought/wish, if someone gets annoyed when I mention this, it’s in the topic top too, to try to combine the messages or something like that).

Oh and I didn’t mean only you William! It was a general/passive you, more like we :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think there was an overwhelming amount of chat. I personally don’t mind reading it, it can be interesting too and I definitely prefer that style to only a gallery without any chat :upside_down_face: We shouldn’t feel afraid to post our reaction to someone’s post. Unless there were posts removed, it was still on topic and nothing too distracting in my opinion :person_shrugging:


Here is a collage I had incredible fun with, a while ago. I hope to find time to make more of such collages:


Wow, this is incredible! I like the surreal look of this collage, and how all the elements go really well together :grin:

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Cross stitch QR code that I sent to my sister today :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It really works, too :slightly_smiling_face:

This is where it takes you


:star_struck: @william_tsypin … beautiful work! :clap::tada::bouquet:

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I have a question for the Dutch, Belgium and German. Meetups are nice and creative. But a friend of mine and me would like to set up a meetup some day for people who create cards instead of buying and then do what you do on a meetup. Would people be interested? Be creative with others. Let others also sign your made card and send them. :heart:


thats so cool! amazing idea and amazing that it even works :heart:

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They are great!! You gave me inspiration to try to make one myself :smiley: so thank you! And also a thank you to @LaWendeltreppe for the Polaroid picture!


This looks beautiful :heart_eyes:

You did awesome work :clap:

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Oddly satisfying

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I didn’t mean at all about what you think is overwhelming or what is your/anyone’s opinion, or if you don’t mind reading it, but this, the start of this thread says,:

“It would be really great if you try to post your comment on the cards shown in one post instead of creating a new post for every comment. You can quote several posts in one answer. That makes reading the topic much easier, especially for those who access on mobile devices.”

So, not think about only yourself, but those others, who maybe do mind and have trouble, maybe slower connection :hugs:

This is why I thought it’s reasonable to assume this topic is about the pictures mostly, not over 10 (I think) posts that were only thank you and apparently some posts one could pm, unless: those offers are for all of us :slight_smile: ? Were those?

Also I think I was bored because the thread jumped back to older ones, and then the off topics and thank were there again :face_exhaling: and no new art to see.

In my opinion, if someones says “great card”, there is no need to reply to each those, instead one can for example heart it too. And that I think what the bolded note also means.

@Hemang you too for example, you could combine those thank posts, or like those posts instead of writing three separate posts.

That’s what I mean, and what I understand is the wish from the team. Not what some single persons think is overwhelming for them.

Of course it only says try :slight_smile: , and someone don’t know how to do it etc.

Oh wow! Well done!

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Please see the moderators note on the top of the whole topic:

It would be really great if you try to post your comment on the cards shown in one post instead of creating a new post for every comment. You can quote several posts in one answer. That makes reading the topic much easier, especially for those who access on mobile devices.

I think there’s been some exchange about how much discussion besides showing your artwork should be allowed in this topic. If you’d like to continue this discussion, please open a PM and invite all users who participated in that discussion so far (including me) please.

If you don’t know how to combine your reactions to several posts into one post:
If you mark some text in that post and click “quote”, the chosen text will appear in your post. If you do so for several posts before sending your message, all will be shown in one post.

Also I think it’s easy to use the :heart: under each post to show your appreciation for the artwork shown.

I don’t want to forbid discussion about the shown artworks in this topic, this would be necessary to be discussed with all the moderating team first. Sometimes users ask questions about the creating process and things like that, so that should still be possible here, I think.

This is supposed to be a fun topic.

Please offer swaps in Postcards (you can use the tag/label handmade and/or mailart in addition to make it easier to find for everyone). Or you can ask people for swaps for their artwork shown via personal message.

Please thank others for swaps via PM or in the swap topic where the swap was offered.

If you think there’s anything else that needs to be discussed about this topic, please send a PM to me, thanks!

Edited a few hours later:

Please see the addition that was added to the first post of this topic. Thanks!