Show us your favourite Star Trek postcards!

Hi Everyone, I’d really love to see people’s favourite Star Trek postcards that they’ve received or sent through Postcrossing please.

I think there are many Postcrossers who are Star Trek fans! Let’s see them folks!

I have not found ones with the images from TV series or movies easily available sadly - it seems like we should push for more, especially with the new series!

Canada Post put some out in 2016 & 2017, but I missed them :broken_heart:.

I did find some new fabulous ones from the Royal Mail in the UK though!

I’ve found both Postcrossing & Star Trek to be real blessings during the pandemic, so I think we need more of both together, kinda like chocolate & peanut butter or whatever your favourite combo is, lol.


Okei I willlll best topic everrerrrr I’m so excited I can’t even use punctuation and I can’t reach for them now but I just wanted to react with some heartsssss :love_letter::cupid::gift_heart::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::heart_decoration::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::white_heart::vulcan_salute:t3::vulcan_salute:t3::vulcan_salute:t3::vulcan_salute:t3::vulcan_salute:t3:


Right back at you Echo!!! :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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Ah! Actually I can reach out to this one who was handmade just for me and sent through via website. So simple yet so cool! I usually like to have it on display in the house. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


OMG! What a super cool Star Trek postcard! I’d love to recieve it! It’s really great :heart_eyes:

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Yes, I love it!

(I haven’t personally received these.)

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But you know where they all are! lol Thanks!

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Oh, I was going through my “collection” (I don’t really collect anything… but lately I’ve been thinking about making it official about Star Trek) and came across this one.

It’s one of my favourites because I think the illustration is really cool and because it was send by a former postcardpal. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I love all those Star Trek cards and the new UK stamps, they are absolutely amazing :slight_smile: I’ve never received a Star Trek card so far, but (apart from my user name) I’ve only ‘outed’ myself as a Trekkie on my profile recently, so there’s still hope :wink:


@alter3ch0 I have one that looks like it’s from the same artist/set? I bought it at comic con several years ago :slight_smile:

Also this silly dog one;

Edit: found some more! :slight_smile:


Love them! I’m laughing at the “Shaka when the walls fell”. :joy:

The “Uhura” it does look like it’s from the same set/artist! It says on the back of mine that it’s from “Nobisdesign”. Is it the same as yours? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes mine says nobisdesign too!

I don’t have any Star Trek cards to send, but I have decided that next payday when I restock my stamps, I’m going to order a set of the Star Trek stamps from Royal Mail. Then, if I pull the address of a fan I can make them smile with my stamp choice. (I’m also going to buy some Star Wars and Harry Potter stamps for the same reason).


Stay tuned on Thursday afternoon - I have a small surprise on this very subject, lol

Hi @alter3ch0

So I’m offering this group, who responded to my post, a chance to swap for one of these UK Royal Mail Star Trek stamp postcards with a Canadian Star Trek stamp on it. I’m going to offer up the 5 Captains & one other crew member with matching Canadian Captain stamps.

And no, I’m not going to take requests for specific cards, sorry, that’s just too hard.

I’m willing to swap for a Star Trek card or a space or science fiction card (but no nebulas please, I have too many already, lol) or for a lovely view card of your region/country.

If you’re unable to do a direct swap at this time, send me a message & let’s see what we can work out.

If you’re interested please send me your address by message & we’ll go from there. I’ll leave this offer open until Sunday, Feb 28th - noon Central European Time

Thanks everyone!