Show names of towns

Currently, a postcard’s page and other listings show only the names of the source and destination countries. It is possible to know from the map, but not readily so.

I think it would be great to also include the names of towns and cities in the various listing and views, and specially the individual postcard’s page.

I, for one, am most actively sending postcards while I’m travelling, and I’d love to see the names of the towns I have sent from.


The location of Postcrossers is not specific for privacy reasons - remember people get assigned addresses randomly (another privacy feature) & those privacy protections are a major plus for many people when choosing to join Postcrossing or not.


But the location isn’t specific - the map shows the town or city you are based in (usually the centre) but not your specific address. Most of our profiles show the towns/cities we are in, so why not on the listing? I like to keep track of my cards as well, and it’s an extra step to have to zoom into the maps to figure the place it was sent from (a country is too big and non-specific for me in most cases, I want to know the names of the the towns and cities).


The map shows the nearest town/city, so it may in fact not be that place. I see a lot of official profiles without specific cities, just regions or provinces/states or just countries. Members aren’t required to share their addresses with people they send cards to & many people like that set-up.

The postcard pages actually already have the town/city names of both the sender and recipient if you’re on desktop! We use it regularly in geographic bingos to check where a card is coming from/going to in order to mark it off our list.

If you hover your cursor over the country name on the postcard page, it will tell you the location:

Hope this helps! ^-^


unfortunately not, because I cannot see it… tried with three different browsers… on which page you can see that? Sent, received or… ?

On the individual postcard’s page (when you click on any ID)


aaah… I was stupid… I hovered over the user name, not the country name…

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Thanks for mentioning this, it was fun to go through and be able to see all the places I’ve lived reflected in my postcards, better than just seeing the country codes!

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Yes, I use a desktop computer most of the time, except when travelling.

But I was thinking of a more visible indication.

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