Should I Send These Cards? (USA)

Hi, U.S Postcrossers!
I recently purchased the old 2002 USPS Stamp postcards and I thought it would be fun to, whenever I get a U.S member, send them the special card that matches their state! But, I’m worried it may not be everyone’s favorite since it is a postcard of their own state, after all…
I thought it was a fun idea but now I’m not sure. Any input? Would you be excited to get one of these cards representing your state?

The photos seen are from the seller’s page and are not my own.


Although you are asking American Postcrossers, I can see a lot of international Postcrossers who like anything stamps appreciating these cards too.


Sure- I’d love to see a postcard of my state, especially if it’s not one that I have. I appreciate your courtesy, but I think you’re overthinking this. But then again, I’m an opinion of one. If the postcard had a cool picture and a great message I don’t care if it’s my state, your state, a different state, American Samoa, or Botswana. I think many Postcrossers would feel the same.


Haha - I am an over-thinker! How did you know? :thinking:
Thank you so much for your input. I know I would love to get the Louisiana stamp shaped card myself, so I figured others may feel the same, but it’s always good to hear from others who may have different opinions. :frog::heart:

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I would be excited to get a card like that featuring my state! I don’t think you need to worry about them being ill-received. Have fun sending them! :blush: I have actually purchased the vintage stamps of my state from that series several times (I love that series!)


Thank you!
I was considering sending ones that are more rare to pull addresses of (assuming states like Hawaii or Alaska), or the one of my own state to international users. I also considered if someone mentioned loving a certain state/visiting it/living there before/etc, I would send them the card, even if they no longer reside in the states!
I’m glad to hear you like them. It makes me feel better about getting them for Postcrossing.


You are always too kind to me! Thank you for letting me know!! I plan on trying to buy the Louisiana stamp for myself. :blush:
You have such a lovely stamp collection! Those LOVE rainbow stamps are awesome. I just bought the new LOVE stamps for 2023! :dog::heart::cat:

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These are cool! Yes, I would be totally excited to receive one of these especially as a stamp and postcard collector! I am sure though that anyone in the states or international would be glad to receive these. Just buy them and send away😊

I think that is a very cool idea!

I would love to receive one of these , my state included!

I like the idea.

I have the same cards and have sent the matching state to its recipient via official Postcrossing and have received a lot of positive feedback for it. They never expect it and think it’s fun! My goal is to send it to every state (officially) but it’s taking a while. :rofl:

Definitely yes, I’d be stoked for just a run-of-the-mill Massachusetts (where I live). Less thinking, more sending!

I think it would be awesome to receive any of the cards! I think it might be fun if you wrote about having visited the state or if you have never been what ideas you have about the state.

Hi, I think it’s a great idea!!

I have this set of cards and the stamps and send then when I draw officials asking for state GF but it doesnt happen as often as I had expected

I wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:

Just popping in to add: that set is highly collectible and as someone who studies Favorites albums every day, I’ve seen them on lots of them :wink:

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People in locations where they can easily get postcards might not like them so much but for me postcards are difficult to find locally and I would actually like some of my own state to add to my collection. It would also be nice in some cases where they are sent blank to have some from my own state to share with others :blush: Suzanne


Thanks for letting me know!
These are discontinued postcards by USPS and can be a bit hard to find for a good price. I haven’t sent one in a while, but I’ve been getting good feedback on the ones I have sent!