Should I send a postcard to a person who has received his latest postcard in 2015?

I should send a postcard to a person, who has received his latest postcard in 2015. Is he active anymore? Im new here, so I have no idea what to do . Could somebody help me?


A lot of people leave and then come back. Especially with the pandemic, I sent to lots of people who came back after being absent for years because they can’t go out much so they went back to postcards.

If the address was given to you, it means that they are due a postcard. You wouldn’t be given an address of someone who’s not been on the website for years (in fact, after about a month of not logging in, an address becomes inactive).

Most importantly - it is likely that they sent recently, so they are due a card. It is more important to check when they last sent (which means they should get a card), then when they last received.

I am assuming this is the case anyway, someone who has come back to Postcrossing, sent a few cards, and now is expecting their cards in return.

Another case would be someone who left without registering some cards, so they were due cards when they left, and now suddenly logged back in after 5-6 years and went back in the queue. But this is quite unlikely, the case above is what happens more often.


Yes, please send a card to the postccrosser.

Maybe they had come back after a long time, or just had set the profile to inactive and only sent some cards in that time.

If a member don’t log in for a month the adress is not given out. So your member has probably been on the site.


Welcome to our community dear @vilunenvilma :slightly_smiling_face:

When you draw an address you have to send a card to the other user.
And if Postcrossing gives you this address means that this user is active at the moment.
Maybe he/she has drawn again addresses after a long time of inactivity and maybe one or more cards he/she has now sent are already registered.

So please send the card and enjoy your new hobby.


My profile is set to inactive since many years, I have been only sending cards since 2015 and my address has not been given out to other postcrosers.

When I reactivate my profile, I hope postcrossers will send me cards :grin: I do plan to add a comment to my profile so that people don’t need to wonder about it :grinning:


Thank you for all the kind answers, I’ll send him a card!! :slight_smile: