Short message not allowed

I just tried to send a really short message to someone (in connection with my Offer thread), and it was not allowed. The software wouldn’t let me. The message was “OK!” but I was made to type more than that. Why is this?

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This happened to me too, in a post. I typed some more words
for the bot.

The bot said to me something like “Are you sure that’s a complete sentence?”

Why shouldn’t people write incomplete sentences if they want to? And this happens all the time in the infinite threads. Most of the infinite threads have one or two-word answers and they don’t get bot-nagged.

Maybe it’s a different nag-bot on messages?

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I believe it is to avoid spam


I believe it’s because the message was all capital letters, I just tried to replay “YES” to this post and had the same message, then I tried “Yes” and it was fine. Perhaps try with “Ok!” or “ok!” and I think it’ll work.


Thanks @angelicca, that makes more sense than spam-botting. :smile:

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I know when typing a single letter in the Hangman Tag, if you type the letter lowercase you won’t get the pop-up. Try typing the message with the first letter lowercase.


Just tested and lowercase ‘ok’ worked.