Shein stickers, postcards, stationery

Hey folks! Curious to see if anyone has purchased stationery/stickers/postcards from shein with any success? The pictures of these products are so cute and the prices are so low. Is it too good to be true? Haha thank you in advance for your ideas!

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I haven’t purchased any, but have the same ones from swaps, through Postcrossing and some are even same that are sold here in bookstore. (I think these are the same as in AliExpress too.)

I don’t think the price is very low. If 40 stickers are 1-2 Euros, that would be what you pay often normally. (The sticker that are printed on white, are same type as the ones that often are sold here in package with three small sheets, I think.) I do like that many of the stickers come in small box, so no plastic.

Postcards are very cheap, thick material, some smaller than normal.
Some “vintage” themed postcards are weird, also brown writing side, with lines that doesn’t go with the vintage style, glossy from both sides, and these are thin cards.

But maybe try with a small shopping?
I was going to, but became annoyed with the time clicking, like I should hurry, so I didn’t buy anything :laughing:

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Here are some writing sides:

and here size difference to normal sized card (10,5 x 15 cm I think)

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I’ve never purchased from Shein, but I have purchased stationery items from Aliexpress. I think a lot of the products coming from these cheap sites are probably similar, if not the same.

The products that I have ordered from Aliexpress are usually pretty alright. I try to buy things that already have reviews (best with photos).
I think the stickers are usually alright quality (similar to what you can buy at a local shop), but the washi tapes that I have ordered are noticeably cheaper in quality. Still completely usable and cute though :slight_smile:

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I have ordered from AliExpress and the stickers and paper i got were really good quality

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences everyone! I’ll give both of these websites a try!:blush::mailbox_with_mail:
@S_Tuulia @KolmeNoitaa @eelkje_s

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I haven’t ordered from Shein yet (and actually didn’t know they sold postcards) but I purchase from Aliexpress periodically and sometimes buy the same brands from eBay and Amazon. In my experience, the quality of the postcards has been good, they’re made from a nice thickness of cardstock, the only thing bad about them is that they’re a little bit smaller than the standard postcard sizes

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I’m a little late to the party here, but I’ve ordered postcards from Shein a couple of times. The postcards are nice, but like the examples above they’ve all been a bit smaller than standard size. They’re also usually formatted for the Chinese market (also as shown above) and often have Chinese writing somewhere on them. But overall I’ve been happy with what I received, especially for the price.

I do have to say, though, that they scan horribly … at least on my two scanners, anyway. If you look at my sent postcards, you can tell which ones are from Shein (not including the Harry Potter postcards, they also don’t scan well for some reason) because they often have wavy lines that slightly distort the image. I thought it was just my portable scanner, but I tried my flatbed scanner the other day and it didn’t do any better. Not a big deal for me, but just something to be aware of if your scanned images are important to you!

Eta: Here’s an example of how some of them scan for me:

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The card size is a bit smaller than the standard size as everyone has mentioned(it’s 9.9 x 14.2), but the thickness and print quality are fine.

The front is a bit shiny, but the back is like this, with a rough, cereal box-like texture.

I have ordered stickers,washitape and postcards from both AliExpress and Shein,the prices are low so naturally it looks to good to be true but are quite decent and beautiful.I ordered them when Shein and AliExpress were not banned in India.:sweat_smile::blush:


I’ve purchased postcards, stickers, and washi tape on AliExpress and Temu but not on Shein. The postcards have all been great quality with beautiful designs but are often a little smaller than standard postcards. Stickers and washi tape quality have been hit or miss.

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