Sets, Boxes, Packs: Question

That’s a relief!

Yes, I’m love de-cluttering.

I’ve only been here for a year and a bit…

Going back to this,

That means I’d have to pay the current £1.46 to send a card I don’t want (and which won’t be registered) to someone, in an envelope, with another note saying 'here is your tag card"?

edited to add: that feels like paying to get rid of unwanted cards. Throwing away is free!

Noooooo :open_mouth: Yeah, I would not be able to throw away unwritten card. Even have one with printing mistake in my pile because I thought there has to be a postcrosser somewhere who wants cards with printing failure and I will feel so dumb about throwing it away on the day that profile pops up.

Why not try to get few coins back and sell them? There seems to be strangely big markets for “second hand” postcards.


but those cards are already in boxes so it’s not like they take extra space?

Good point. Put all unwanted cards in one box and throw away the other boxes. Thank you!

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In these tags, it is usually more about the text than the card. You only send the four cards in an envelope. In all others of the tags I mentioned above, it is usually only one card written and stamped without envelope. Do you write nothing on your postcrossing cards? I can write whole stories or draw pictures or…

@syaffolee You might want to vote on the proposed Pattern Tag :smiley:

It’s getting too late for me to dissect this… but yes, I write many lines on every postcard sent out, every card I write is different, I can write poems or Latin quotations or politics or economics or philosophy depending on the recipient…gardening, the weather, everything really.

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Thanks! But since I don’t participate in tags (I almost always only send officials and occasionally for RAS), I don’t think my vote will be very useful for folks who actually do participate in those.

I’ve never bought a box of cards but if I did, I would keep the cards I don’t like and send them to someone in somepoint. I always try to send cards that the receiver would like to have and sometimes the cards are something that I don’t like. For example I have quite many flower cards in my stash and personally I don’t like them at all.

If you feel that joining the tags @Feuerstuhl recommended are waist of money, maybe you should check the wishlist tags instead? In those you could possibly find someone who wants a card you don’t like and then you will receive a card you’ll like. :blush:


I usually buy those boxes because, well, they offer nice themes I can’t find somewhere else, but mainly I purchase them because they are a more affordable way to have more postcards - and that way I can keep doing something I like for a while longer.

Living always on low salaries/tight budget/ on my savings, I don’t have the privilege to throw cards away even if I also love decluttering. :thinking: I don’t think I would do it even if I could, though. Worst case scenario I would give them away to someone else who might want to use them.

Interesting to see how differently people deal with these situations according to their background/life circumstances. Not really judging, just wondering - and trying to understand.

There’s one thing I’ve learned in 7 years of Postcrossing - there’s always someone who will take cards off your hands!

And throwing out something you’ve paid for earlier doesn’t seem “free” to me. Of course, one might say paying money to send them away is throwing good money after bad, but to me, it has the benefits of a) making someone else happy and b) getting a card in return I might actually love if it’s a tag or swap.

Beats the bad money any day for me, but then I really adore postcards and am not too fond of decluttering :wink:


I really hope you mean donate or give away them when saying “throw them away”. We have finite resources on this planet.


I also agree with this.

And even if you have the philosophy that any card you don’t like shouldn’t go to anyone at all–even if other people say they like them, you could at the very least recycle them.



Empty profile? Bam.
Profile where I don’t have anything near their wishlist? Bing.
Someone who wants a strange/“ugly”/your least favorite card? Boom.

(I mean, not always in those first two situations. It’s not a punitive thing! When I don’t know what to send, I might send just about anything. But it’s a possible place for those cards too.)

Edited to add: I don’t ever keep any unwritten postcards, no matter how much I like them, so I don’t have that problem.


Oh wow, are you one of those people who don’t keep a stock of cards but go on a postcard hunt whenever they request an address? Very awesome :+1:

@SailingBy And I fail to see how sending a postcard and receiving one in turn is the same as paying to get rid off unwanted cards. I guess we just don’t understand each other. It’s fine, everyone has their own way to do and enjoy postcrossing :woman_shrugging: :hugs:
However, there are probably a lot of people who would love to receive (or send) your unwanted postcards. It does seem like a waste to just throw them away. Maybe you could open a swap topic – here: #trades-requests-offers:postcards – to ask for, I don’t know, two “nice” postcards (?) in turn for several unloved cards from you? :thinking:

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And what about opening a lottery for those unwanted cards?

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Er, no. That’s not what I said at all! :slight_smile: I keep a stock, but I don’t have any blank cards with the intention to keep them. They are all meant to be sent to someone.


Ah, I see! Pardon. Then I am on the same page as you.

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We’re really big on recycling here. Paper and card go into one bin; plastics into another; tin cans into another; bottles and jars into another; kitchen waste another; garden waste another. One assumes that a big bin labelled ‘recycling’ means that they process the contents and turn it into something else?

It occurred to me overnight that I could take unwanted cards from sets, boxes and packs to a charity shop and suggest that they sell them for, say, 10p each. But all such shops are closed now, due to lockdown.


Please see reply above. :upside_down_face: