Serie postcards like FOTW,MOTW,

Hello all,

there are lots of topic for looking and swap serie postcards, all of them. Now you need to look so much for it. Maybe it is better to put them all togheter in a separete topic all togheter?



I see your point about gathering them in one topic. But then we’d get one long, overwhelming topic instead, where one potentially would have to wade through a bunch of posts to find a swapping partner. To me that seems like the same amount of hazzle as looking through several topics.
And if a person only offers a certain amount of FOTW/MOTW/other-series cards, they could add “closed” to the title and let the thread sink down the list of threads. But if they have to post in a thread, they could only edit/delete their own post to say that the cards are gone. But the replies would still stay in the thread and clogg it, unless they’re deleted by those who posted them. So personally I prefer having one thread per member who request/offer these postcards.


Same here i live in belgium, but send everywhere where i come.