✅ Sent/received count on homepage doesn't fit

Once again there is a font update. The results are:

  • no Chinese hieroglyphs
  • no language symbols
  • text doesn’t fit well (received on the screenshot).

Just empty boxes.

Ubuntu 21.04.
Chromium 94

It’s interesting that the not fitting ‘received’ is new for you - it has never fit for me, the D has always been cut off. :wink:

@Akroma: I can’t tell whether that’s the intended font, but we haven’t made any changes to the font in recent weeks — could it be that you are forcing the font on your browser somehow? Can you compare it with another browser?

@Bille @Akroma: The missing ‘d’ is not intended and seems to happen more easily when the number of postcards is large — will see if I can fix that.

I’ve made a fix for the hidden ‘d’ — if it’s still happening, please share a screenshot.

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