Sent Postcard list not loading

When I try to open the list of Sent Postcards, the list doesn’t populate but I just get a message saying “Loading Postcards…” and the screen hangs. If I try to do anything else, I will be told the page isn’t responding and the only option will be to close the tab.

Other postcard list pages, such as travelling or received, are working fine. I can also see my sent cards showing up OK on my wall.

Might it be possible that you have set the Sent postcards to “Show All” and the other lists not? If that might be true, just open the page when you are busy doing something else (and don’t need to use that device soon) and let it load, even if it might take a long time (depending on your internet speed). Change that setting after it loaded e.g. to 100.


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Thanks, I think that’s it, although when I tried it earlier I had left if for hours without loading successfully. This time, for some reason, it worked and I’ve now set it back to 100 postcards. I’m not sure when / why I’d changed it to “All”.