"Sent FROM" menu on Sent and Popular walls beside "Sent TO"

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I would love to have a “Sent from” dropdown menu on my Sent and Popular walls, in addition to the existing “Sent to” menus.
As Travel Mode becomes more and more popular, some of us have sent postcards from several countries and may want to be able to easily see or show them by country of origin. I agreed to swap cards yesterday and offered a touristic card from the region I am currently in, but couldn’t easily show my sent postcards from here.
As of now, it is only possible to sort sent postcards by ID in the “Sent” table, but I don’t find it very practical to look at the pictures, let alone to show them to other postcrossers.
Also, seeing my most popular postcards sent from country X or Y would help me know what postcards I’d buy when I visit that country again.
I hope my suggestion is clear. Would it be an easy addition, @paulo ?
Thank you for reading!


Great idea!

When you click the “Postcard id” column in your sent list, your sent cards appear in groups of country code (unless you travelled several time to same country, and the id number has changed hugely, maybe then not).
Of course this doesn’t help much if you have hundreds of sent cards from several country, but maybe help a little in this situation now.

(I used this method when choosing a card from another postcrosser’s travel mode sent cards.)

Thank you, I am aware of this feature, but it’s cumbersome if I want to see all the postcard photos at a glance, and even more if I need to show some to another user.
I have sent around 2000 postcards from Italy, more than 1500 from France, about 150 from Portugal, and several dozens from a few more countries, so it’s very unpractical to use the “sort by ID” option on my “Sent” table.

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Ok then. :slight_smile: It was not obvious you knew about this possibility. Me, as a card chooser, find it cumbersome to look through hundreds or thousands of cards, even from the wall, but if you only send same types, it will be shown (and no need to go through all pages) and that would make it a tad easier to glance what you have to offer, yes. :+1:

Good point. I’ve added a sentence to my original post. :slight_smile:

I think we all find it cumbersome! When I sent official cards from Germany, I could hardly ever check what my recipients had already received from there, because it was often hundreds of postcards! Likewise, if a postcrosser wanted to swap a tourist card with me, he wouldn’t probably look at all my postcards sent from France, Italy, or whatever country I am in, but only as many as they wish to (most likely the latest sent).
I have no idea of how difficult or time-consuming it would be to implement what I am suggesting. If it’s not too hard, it would be a welcome addition. :slight_smile:


Do you want something different from what you can get using the “From” button? If so, can you be more specific?

‘From’ button appears in ‘received’, while in ‘sent’ there’s only ‘to’ button. If I understand correctly, the idea is to include ‘from’ button when browsing sent cards as well.

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Unless you’re traveling, isn’t sent from always the country where your Postcrossing Account is registered?

Yes, but travel mode is exactly what’s pointed out in the first post.


I thought this was clear…

Sure, but I travel/move very often:

I guess Travel mode is much more popular in Europe than in America, where you can’t travel to a different country as easily…


Apologies - missed that.

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Michele, I did miss that one line in your original post - sorry. And you’re probably right in that we on this side of the pond have much fewer easy travel options.

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No problem, Sue! :wink:

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