Sent back postcards/expired

Hello, I have gotten one of my postcards sent back to me for no reason, and im not sure what to do now.

It should have a sticker or a stamp indicating the reason. Postage due, sent to a country that is blocked, incorrect address…

Nope, noi sticker, normally they put a yellow sticker on it, but I just got it in the mail one day, i got so exited about it, then i realized it was one i sent out.

Is it an official card or one from a game or a swap?

An official card.

I just asked the repentant if they could register it and they said yes.

Now its registered, but it wont let me send it out, and they wont say why.

Why can’t you send the card?
If the recipient has already registered the card, ask for the correct address, put enough postage on it and send it again. Or send another card.

And please never ask to register a card that the recipient didn’t receive,


I dont know why it wont send, I put enough postage, i know that for a fact because i used a global stamp, and i was under the weight limit, the address was right. They didnt even say why they wont send it.

I read that sometimes USPS sorting machine read the return address as the destination address.
So maybe put a sticker over that and try again?


Would I have to put a new stamp on it?

Thank you @ScubaET
Im going to try that.
I put RETURN ADDRESS: (My address)
And TO: (Their address)

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It’s probably best to put your return address in the far corner of the postcard, and maybe even turn it sideways; this would lessen the chance of the sorting machine reading the “return” address as the “to” address. (It’s not always sufficient to simply write “to” and “return”; the machine may not make the distinction).


And be sure to black out any barcode the postal machines have put on the card. This happened to me once (I put a return address label in bottom left corner, which was read as my delivery address) and the card came back to me twice before I blacked it out. The barcode contains your delivery address information for sorting.


I remember this happening to someone else on the forum about a year ago. It was indeed the return address that the machine was reading as the delivery address. You’ve already received some good advice above about what to do about that. I think generally it’s not normal to put a return address on a postcard so maybe consider leaving this out in future?


about crossing out the black barcode on the back of card from the sorting machine, you must cross out the red barcode on the picture side of the postcard too (it best to put it on an angle to see the red barcode.). this must also be cross out - and i know it destroy the picture side. a suggestion about using a return address on your postcard, buy a red marker and put an X across it corner to corner - it will still be readable but the sorting machine will not read it. you do not need to repay postage, you already did.

What about the size of the postcard. Us postal service has strict limits on size and shape

Maybe just put it in an envelope? It’s global so same cost for postcard and letter


I agree.

And the card can be left in the condition as it is now, without crossing out here, blacking out there :sweat_smile:

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