Sending posts cards while on vacation in Balkans area?

Hi there!

I will be on vacation in April 2023 in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Do you have tips on where to get good local postcards and how to send them abroad?

I tried looking up info but the local post office websites are hard to read with translation. Thanks for your assistance and tips!

I may get the assistance of the hotel too, but thought you may have ideas.



Apologies my dude. However, you’re spot on with your thinking. Ask thr hotel. Having said that, if you see a street vendor that sells shirts / newspapers / bottles of water, bet your bum they’ll have postcards!

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Have been to all those places just before the pandemic. You’ll have a fabulous trip!
No trouble finding cards at tourist sites and touristy shops that sell souvenirs. In Albania, ask hotel for some direction. Less easy to get cards there.
If you’re driving in Albania, be aware that there do not appear to be many rules of the road and what few there might be are ignored. If walking, be hyper aware of traffic.
And check out the bunkers!

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The above places you mention is the Balkans Area on the Adratic Sea Coast.

The Baltic is Scandinavia including, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

May want to change to location in the thread to get more responses?


I’ve moved the thread from #communities:baltic-states to #communities:ex-yugoslavia.

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I corrected the title from Baltic to Balkans.


In Slovenia, you can buy postcards at newspaper stores, mail, tourist info, bookstores - no problem. You can usually buy stamps in tourist resorts together with postcards. However, Post Offices can have a different opening time and a problem may arise if you are in a hurry.
I recommend a visit to Bled, Bohinj Lake, Postojna Cave and the countryside. Nature is beautiful, the country is small and you can be in the hills and at sea in one day.


From my experience as a tourist in Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia) and Zagreb and Rijeka (Croatia), postcards are easy to buy in bookshops, souvenir shops and museums and post offices and postboxes are easy to find during the week but it can be difficult at the weekend - the main post office in Zagreb by the railway station opens on a Sunday though

Keeping the post alive - I hope you’re prepping well for the journey and am so excited for you!

Where in Croatia will you be heading? Post offices usually have decent postcards, down the coast souvenir shops are starting to open about easter

We were in Kolašin in Montenegro today and the post office here had some great postcards and stamps. I mailed 8 postcards in Albania in Tirana, that was harder, several locations that were post offices were not open or not located per the map, got to a real post office on my third try. That one needed two stamps on each card, they were huge and barely fit without covering some of the text, have to leave a lot of space for Albanian international mail stamps! The Montenegro stamps appear only sold at the post office, no stores or hotels had them, but when I found one they were helpful despite not having any English speakers there. Success so far! We plan to be in Dubrovnik, Split, Bled, and a few other places here and there over the next few days.

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