Sending Postcards to India from Bali

Hi I’m from India. A friend of mine is traveling to Bali this week, and wants to send Postcards from there to India. She wants to know -
Where to buy Postcards ? Stamp value ? and where to drop them ? Any other rules that need to be followed ?

Kindly help and thanks in advance for your help :relaxed:

Her route → Kuta - Ubud - Nusa penida

Thanks and Regards

This might help.

Stamp value you can make easy generalisation

  • Asia Pacific & Australia : Rp 6000
  • NZ & West Asia : Rp 7000
  • Europe & Africa : Rp 9000
  • The Americas : Rp 10.000

There’s more on wiki

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Thank you so much :pray: will look into it