Sending postcards from Mostar (BH Pošta vs. Hrvatska Pošta)

I’m visiting Mostar for a few days. I have already bought some postcards together with a few stamps.
However, the stamps are issued by Hrvatska Pošta Mostar, not by BH Pošta.
Can I still drop my postcards with HP stamps into these mailboxes or will it not work?
All the street mailboxes have the BH Pošta symbol on them, and I see that Hrvatska Pošta offices are located a bit farther from where I am staying.
Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance!

That’s what I supposed… Thank you for confirming!

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Actually you can do that…I didn’t have time to send my cards via BH Pošta and I sent them via Poste Srpske in few situations, which is one of the three postal administrations within Bosnia. It would be nice to combine stamps with certain postal operator but it is also allowed to send them with other postal operators too.