Sending postcards from Liberia

Going to a “rare” country and sending postcards using “travel mode” can be real fun but also frustrating - like in Liberia…
Waited outside the post office at opening time but a nice gentleman told me I had to enter at a back door. Asked for postcards and was taken to an office without electricity and lights. Searched everywhere with flashlights and eventually found an old plastic bag with some old cards. 2 US$ each. No bargaining was possible. I tried… Went back to my hotel and wrote the cards. Returned and finding the right postage for the office took forever consulting everyone. About 2,6 US$ for Europe and America and about 50% more to Asia and Oceania. He personally glued each stamps on my 20 cards with some special glue which took another long time. Adding up the sum was a problem since the calculator did not work. Someone came and fixed it and finally I could pay. They had no change and had to leave the post office and go searching for someone who could change. Each card + stamp costed more than 5$ on average. I can understand there are no postcrossing members here. I wanted to send a cover to a collector but that costed 12,5 US$ so I didn’t. Can only hope they will arrive and the receivers will appreciate them.


I can imagine this had to be a little frustrated for you, but what an adventure! 🩷 The story behind sending the postcards makes receiving one even more special. I’m sure they will be appreciated! I myself would feel so lucky!


Thank you very much for letting us know!! It might indeed explain why there aren’t so many poscrossers from “rare” countries participating. Your post is very helpful and interesting to read.
Nevertheless, I hope you have a wonderful time there. :slight_smile:

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It is a pity that I will never receive card from this rare country :two_hearts: . I hope that the recipients will appreciate your work ! :love_letter:

Good for you for being persistent & determined to send your cards! And yes, countries have very different postal systems & some are a real challenge to use.

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I admire your determination! :clap:

I have scenes from “Lord of war” in my mind’s eye, when I read your exotic story!

What exotic :snail::mailbox_with_mail:! I hope, for you, that people will know what a gem it is, they are receiving!


You have gone to many countries that I will never go to in my life. It’s great! Users who can be selected by you in travel mode must be very lucky.


Thanks for all nice comments. If any of you above who has commented up til now want a postcard from my next trip then send me a private message with your address and I will send one card. Not sure when and where but definitely Rwanda & Burundi in July when the dry season is. I will decide exactly where and when before end of February.
Offer is valid ONLY for those above this message.


What a story! what makes a postcard valuable and meaningful is the effort it takes to get it stamped, addressed and cancelled and finally reaches its destination. Despite all the obstacles, you made it happened. Bravo to you, my friend.

Please keep sharing all these amazing postal stories in your African journey and Bon Voyage!

''Collecting postcards is life, everything else is just a hobby!" :slight_smile:

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Definitely explains why not many postcrossers in some countries. I’ll link to this next time someone complains they don’t get cards from Africa or other exotic places…
(I realise Liberia is not all of Africa, but it can be an example, it might be similar in other places or they might have other complications).


Suddenly Scandinavian postage doesn’t feel that expensive any more.


Hej! Alldeles rätt.
Vi har kommunicerat förut för flera år sedan fast jag inte minns om vad. Är nu hemma i Sverige igen och sitter på tåget till Ånge. Hälsningar, Gert

Oh yes - I think you had a different username in the old forum, didn’t you?
If I’m not wrong, you sent me a gorgeous postcard from the Seychelles:

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You are a real postcrosser! For as much effort as you have shown, there should be a special medal. We should not take it for granted that we can simply send postcards or buy stamps without any complications.


Hej! Om det var skickat runt 19 November 2019 så var det från mig. Hälsningar, Gert

Hi @singelpuff! Could you please translate your messages to English, so that everyone can understand what you wrote?
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@singelpuff Thank you so much for your extra exotic card/stamp from Rwanda! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I received your sent card from Liberia . So much thanks .