Sending postcards from Cabo Verde

I was on vacation in Cape Verde last week and wanted to tell you all about visiting there as a Postcrosser :slight_smile:

I first visited the island of Sao Vicente, where I stayed in the city of Mindelo. There are 3 post offices in Mindelo, and buying stamps there was quite an experience, having to wait outside being given a number by a guard, after which I waited inside to see the tiny post office being full of people paying bills and mailing packages! The post office that I went to was busy like this allmost all day, but they do sell stamps there, in fact, you use a combination of them. Stamps cost 60 escudos (€0,57) to any destination worldwide. These are the stamps I was given:

You can give the cards inside the post office but you can also put them in the postbox outside, which looks like this:

However this postbox was not locked! So keep that in mind and if you want to be safe hand them over at the counter.

Postcards are easy enough to find in Mindelo, there are some tourist shops here and there that also sell souvenirs but not stamps unfortunately.

Next I visited the island of Sao Antao, where I stayed in Porto Novo. The island has only one true post office which was located here, this is how it looks:

They sold a lot more stamps but don’t have a dropbox so you have to hand them over inside. Interesting to know is that in Cabo Verde no post is delivered to your home, you have to rent a box at the post office in order to receive mail, like this:

There is also a postbox at the ferry terminal in Porto Novo:

At the ferry terminal is also a little shop that sells a lot of postcards and also stamps for the same price as the post office, and you don’t have to wait in a long line here either, so this is a great option if you get the chance to visit! Other then that I did not find any other place to buy postcards, not even the souvenir shops I visited sold them.

For my last stay, I was in Sao Pedro back on Sao Vicente. This town does not have any postal facilities or place that sells stamps, so keep that in mind. However, if you already have stamps and cards, there is a postbox at Cesária Évora International Airport, so you can always mail your cards there, I handed them to my local guide so that he could post them :slight_smile:

Same goes for postcards, you have to buy them in Mindelo or at the airport.

Here are some of the cards prepared to be mailed:

In the end I mailed 22 cards in Travel Mode and some more to friends and family. I was very surprised that one of them already arrived today!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels there and maybe you will be one of the lucky few that receives a postcard from there :slight_smile:


Wow, super interesting to read! :+1:

Too bad I usually have my profile deactivated as I am too exhausted in the evenings for lengthy “thank you” messages, so no luck for me!

Still, I love to read about :snail: :email: related adventures! Thank you for telling us! :smiley:

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I was in Cabo Verde (island of Sal) in December and also mailed cards from there in travel mode. the post office was small, but well organized, and I also bought stamps in the hotel.
I have to say, all postcards from there arrived really fast. To Europe after a few days. Middle East, Asia and USA took a bit longer. Russia took quite a while, but ALL cards arrived in the end.
A great place to visit, by the way.


I too, was in Cabo Verde in November, 2023. I bought cards and stamps from a little shop in Mindelo. I handed the written and stamped cards to our guide at the end of the day. A card to my sister in the USA took about 2 weeks to arrive. Of the Postcrossing cards, five of the seven arrived; the two that didn’t were addressed to the USA and Russia. The cards mailed to Germany arrived the quickest -18 and 19 days. A card to India took 42 days to arrive, another to Finland took 55 days, and the longest took 98 days to go to Russia. Beautiful country, would love to go back…

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