Sending postcards from Afghanistan and Tajikistan

It was 15 US $ to send a card from Afghanistan, so I didn’t. 20 $ for a letter. Lots of postcards available in the book shop but for no use.
Tajikistan was better. The main post office seems closed. It was behind a huge wall and the whole block was closed for building an apartment tower.
100 m left of the train station is a small place called “International post”.

They have stamps and sending one card is only 0,4 $. They glued all stamps on and canceled the cards. No English spoken.

I found a folder of 14 nice postcards for 3,5 $ in a bookshop inside a small mall corner of Valomatzoda and Ulitsa Zafar, not far from the post office.

I sent TJ-381, 382 and 383.


Thanks for the report of your postal experience in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. :afghanistan: :tajikistan: It’s always nice to learn something new about not so frequently visited countries. :blush:


Thank you for sharing info & photos again. I’m always looking forward to your next adventures. Have a nice trip! :smiling_face:

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I am mostly astonished by the fact that you were in Afghanistan, isn’t all travelling discouraged to Afghanistan? Brave!

What adventures! Super to read! :smiley:

(I still would have bought cards in Afghanistan. Would not have been able to hold back! :grimacing:)

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Government officials in many countries, including the US State Department, advise against visiting Afghanistan due to civil unrest, crime, etc. However, the Taliban has been welcoming towards foreign tourists due to the benefit it provides to their economy. A newspaper in Switzerland wrote this article about it- Tourism in Afghanistan, vacation under Taliban rule


Do you blog anywhere or keep a public journal or pictures of your trips? I’d love to see more!


That’s unreasonably expensive lol

It’s true what Angelthepup22 writes and the article is also good. Traveling in Afghanistan today is much safer than before the Talibans was in power. The problem is ordinary travel insurance is not valid and special ones are very expensive. You just hope nothing happens…
I do not blog or post anything apart from here to help Postcrossers. I love to read about other peoples experiences in “rare” postcrossing countries. Feel free to ask me anything. I used and paid 550 $ for a 4 days trip to Kabul, Bamiyan and Band e amir lakes. Way cheaper than most companies. Everything was included and the price was per person in a group of eight. Tourist visas are issued same day in Dubai.


Afghanistan sounds a lot like Saudi Arabia ($10) and Haiti ($15 in 2013 when I visited). For Afghanistan and Haiti, I kind of understand it. They’re not exactly tourist destinations and have a lot going on (not in a good way), but what’s up with Saudi Arabia?


I was lucky to get w/s card from Afghanistan (and Saudi Arabia, mentioned by Patrick a.k.a. pjsubway) when the price was still reasonable.

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Sending from Afghanistan is so expensive that even if I did get there, I’d hesitate to send myself a postcard from there - I’d buy some to mail from somewhere else, but $15 to send a postcard is too much.

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