Sending or receiving things attached to postcards

Hey! I’m sorry if this topic has already been discussed, but I couldn’t find anything similar to it. Today I received this postcard with a one cent coin attached and I thought this was so cool!

Unfortunately, in Brazil it is not allowed to send circulating coins by mail, but I have already sent unused stickers the same way to collectors.

Have you ever sent or received postcards with anything attached? How does your country’s mail service react to this?


Here’s an image of an old souvenir card from the Utah Salt Flats, with a little bag of salt attached. I wonder how many of these made it through the postal system intact.


That’s great! I never imagined the possibility of sending salt attached to a postcard. :grin:


I’ve attached a postcard to a postcard a few times when I couldn’t choose between 2 fitting cards. It’s easy to stick them together using washi tape :smiley:

One is then really written and stamped and covering the text on the other where I ‘fake’ written and stamped with a used stamp etc.


And here’s a French postcard with a film strip attached to the front, part #7 of “Micou au zoo.” Kids could purchase a small film viewer and a subscription, after which they’d periodically receive new episodes of the cine-stories through the mail, which they could then look at through their viewer.


What a great idea! I think I’ll use it when I can’t choose between two postcards.


So cool!


The salt is so cool. That postcard is amazing


There are some photos in these threads that show ideas related to attaching items to postcards! :grinning:


Thank you!

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Hello. I didn’t get anything extra on the postcards (coins, for example). I myself sent a postcard with coins to Holland (I arrived safely, as the addressee told me) and flower seeds to France (the postcard also arrived intact). Although the rules of the post office forbid this, and I try to follow the rules.


I once got a postcard with a tea bag attached to it… I was quite surprised it made it…:slightly_smiling_face:


I have sent coins taped to the card, but at least once it didn’t arrive.
Sometimes I send tea bag, put it in a trading card pocket first, and then tape to the card.
Or used postage stamps, sticker etc small loose thing in a small glassine envelope or trading card pocket. If it’s an envelope with a flap, I glue the flap to the card, so it can be opened as a door, and tape the edges, and from the trading card pocket, I tape the other side of opening slot to the card, so it’s more sturdier there and these can be left to the card, even after the removable tape is taken away.

I mainly send like this when it’s someone I know, because I think not all understand to open it :slight_smile: or won’t like their postcard like this.

I have received coins, button sewed to the card, and most rememberable is a leaf glued to the card, it was in perfect condition! And it was not under tape, only glue, looks very pretty.


That’s nice. Unfortunately, it’s forbbiden to receive any type of seed in Brazil, so customs would probably confiscate the seeds or the postcard. I think it is the same in some other countries, like Australia.


I love receiving tea bags, as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please be aware, that such things can damage sorting machines and/or the card.


I’m not actually worried about the machine, as normal cards can get stuck, and too thin card, partly loose washi tape or sticker, hence also partly loose postage, priority sticker etc. I don’t think they even trust people know how the mail is supposed to be, and they don’t try to help in that, thinking that we don’t have post offices anymore like before, who helped.

At least here it’s claimed mail is less and less, maybe they could save and not buy so poor machines, and go back to how it was done before :smiley:

And I write address by hand (I was told, hand written address doesn’t go to automatic sorting, it needs to be right place, right size, letters separate from each others, empty here and there, so mainly printed envelopes and junk mail type goes there.)

But still good point :+1:

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And I have received washi tape samples, wrapped around the postcard.
But sadly the tape wasn’t totally removable, so little parts of the card were ruined, but still fun :slight_smile:


Yes, but that does not make better to stick more things on the card.
I think it is better to send cards in an envelope, if the card is the card is very thin or if the decoration can hinder the machine sorting. And hand sorting costs more postage.

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Oh, what a cool topic. Thank you for starting it.
I once received these two paper clips in an envelope. What a nice surprise it was. :slight_smile:

And also: I once received an used museum ticket