Sending coins from the UK abroad

I’m hoping there might be someone in the forum who can help answer a question I have around posting coins abroad.

I have a penpal in Japan who I would like to send a 50p coin to. I’ve read all the prohibitions and restrictions on the Royal Mail website for posting to Japan and only counterfeit currency is mentioned as prohibited. However, from reading some threads online it seems there is a general consensus that you can’t send legal tender in the post - although the forum wasn’t UK-specific so I’m still not sure whether you can or can’t.

Does anyone know what the situation with this is? Can I send a coin, can’t I send one…?

Also, if anyone has sent coins abroad, how did you package them? I want to send an envelope only. Will I need a customs form?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help :slight_smile:

I send coins to all countries and everywhere they reach the addressee. and I also receive coins from all countries. I usually stick coins with tape to a postcard or cut out cardboard according to the size of the envelope and make holes for coins in it. On top again with Scotch tape.

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@vitamin1979 Thanks for your help! The cardboard is a good idea which I hadn’t thought of!

once,a friend from Russia sent me a card with a coin of CCCP ,fixed by cellophane tape.I didnt know why both postal office allowed that.:slight_smile:

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hi so i sent a coin sometime back to Indonesia, even though the Post Office said I couldn’t, I did. I put in between some paper and added a postcard to the envelope. the coin got there just fine…

As long as the 50p is not a rare one, I’d just make a small envelope for it, pop it in an envelope, get the extra postage, say £3 max and then post it. I think it’ll arrive just fine.

I wouldn’t put a customs label on, as that might slow it up.

Hope this helps, all the best



@EDC83 Thank you very much! That’s really helpful.

It will be packaged with a letter and a couple of postcards anyway so I’ll just pop it in a small homemade envelope between the layers.

I’ll report back if (and hopefully when) it arrives :joy:


Hi, you’re welcome. Well fingers crossed… :slight_smile:

Stick it in an envelope, sellotaped between two pieces of cardboard so that the edges of the coin don’t tear the envelope, it should be fine. I’ve done this plenty of times.

But if you try just sticking it to a postcard then I would expect it to fall off in transit.

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I like having UK banknotes for my collection. Maybe the lowest value. Who can send me one to exchange of coins?

The smallest British bank note is £5 (around 6.80 US $), so I doubt you’ll find someone sending you one just to collect.