Sending cards from US to AUS in 2022

On the postal monitor, Australia is not listed under the countries which people from the US cannot send mail to. However, Australia is still listed under the mail suspension list on the USPS website. I got an Australian address, do you think my card will be able to be delivered?

If I remember correctly, on the USPS site it’s only Priority Mail, not First Class that is restricted to Australia. I sent a note and some teabags to Australia that go delivered!

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I asked my local postmaster and he said packages are restricted but not postcards.


Okay, thanks for clearing it up. I just sent the card out.

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Careful with teabags to Australia, though. They have a very strict policy about what “herbs” can be sent to protect their unique environment …

huh. Duly noted for future Tea Tags!

Here’s the official info!,live%20insects%20and%20other%20contamination.

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I haven’t really done any exchanges with items yet, but I will keep that in mind for the future. Thanks.

They are back to accepting mail (letters & postcards). But as others have pointed out packages are a different matter.

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