Sending a postcard

I’ve just signed up to send my first postcard and it is outside on the UK.
I will be sending from Royal Mail, but I’m unsure about sending it.
What do I do with it being a different country?
How do I send it?
Do I just buy I 1st or 2nd class stamp and post it off in the postbox?

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According to the wiki, you need the following postage for international mail:

  • International Standard Postcards and Letters up to 10g: £1.70
  • International Economy Postcards and Letters up to 10g: £1.45 (non-European destinations)

I assume in the UK, once you have the correct postage, you just drop off the mail as you would normally do.

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If in doubt ask at you local post office how to send postcards to another country. Welcome to Postcrossing :smiley:

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Hi Abibieee,

As your postcard is going outside the UK it will cost £1-70 to anywhere in the world. You can use 2 X 1st class stamps as they are at .85p each or a single stamp at £1-70.
Some Postcrossers like nice commemorative stamps and the next set is coming out on the 16th March so you may want to try your Post Office to see if they will be getting them but of course you don’t have to use special stamps any stamps will do as long as it adds up to
£1-70. Some people put an Airmail sticker on but you don’t have to. There is a special rate available for International economy at £1-45 but and it’s a big but it may not get there as quickly and you will have to find stamps that add up to £1-45 that service is only available to Mail going outside Europe. My advice is to pay £1-70, they should get there faster and it’s frankly less hassle.
Any questions let me know and welcome to Postcrossing , Regards Derek

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Welcome to Postcrossing, @anon81036643!

@Ceres1849 said it all, all you need is two 1st Class stamps!

I just wanted to add that there is also a lovely, friendly corner of the forum for all Brits, here #communities:british-isles - come and join us! :blush:


As this is a purely UK specific question I moved this topic there :slight_smile:

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Hello @anon81036643, welcome to Postcrossing! I will add to all the other comments on price that you can also check the prices of Royal Mail International Standard delivery (postcards and everything else) here: Current rate for postcards is indeed £1.70. You can find information about International Economy here: I will echo comments by others that Standard is less hassle. If you like, you can also order stamps direct from Royal Mail for delivery to you here:, which would save a trip to the Post Office. The new Legend of King Arthur series is available from 16 March, which includes a £1.70 stamp. Note that the Shop charges for delivery for orders below £50. Any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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