Sending a postcard to a member who is just closing his account

Hi, I got an address for sending a postcard. On the profile I see that this member has already stopped doing postcrossing. He is waiting for the arrival of his last sent postcard then he will close the profile. He doesn’t expect any more postcards and therefore I don’t want to send him any. But his address will now stay for a long time among my “travelling” postcards. Can I somehow delete this one address from my travelling account?
Thanks for your help, Karin.

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You cannot delete the address, and as for the rules you should send the postcard…

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I would suggest to contact the Administrators and ask how you should Deal with it.


Turn to the support:

Recall that, when he’s closing it, every traveling postcard on its way to him willl be registered automatically. I should send it. It is not only that the rules are to send it, but also there is a chance that he will register it manually earlier.


I think there will be a note, that cards are travelling to them, and they are given the option to wait and register them, or postcrossing team registers them.

Why would they even give out an address if they know the account is closed? I can understand the person getting cards from people who received the address before the account was closed… but after? Makes no sense.

The account isn’t closed already.
The user mentioned in his profile that they will close it.

I agree with @RalfH and @Robinchen
@Karin_Dumi Please contact the support before writing the card.

Ah. Thanks. That makes sense now.