Sender “I’m not sending you a card. Please cancel this one”


I have received a message from someone who has been given my address to send a card.

He or she says “ I have nothing appropriate to send you and I’m not wasting stamps. So please cancel this swap”

This is nonsense as I don’t specify what type of postcards I would like to receive.

What do I do?

Just ignore it and wait for the 60 days to pass?
Is there a way to cancel the swap? Should I do that?




Have they been given your address as an official card, or here on the forum? If it’s an official card you need to report them to the team, that’s definitely not ok! x


Contact the team, and they will contact the sender and tell that they need to send the card.

Maybe the sender thinks you only like the topics you write about. They must be a new member, so the team knows how to explain it.

Of course you can also tell they can send anything they like and that it’s not possible to cancel these.


I assume that you are talking about an official card.

As others already wrote:
Please inform the support about that - they will explain the rules to the (new) user.

No, there is no way to cancel that.
If someone draw an address on the mainpage, they have to sent a card.


That seems strange. Not very polite either. It makes you feel bad too. Nothing appropriate to send? Either they are new, forgot about Postcrossing and don’t want to go buy a postcard, or have some really R-rated cards! LOL. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if someone used some blank cardstock and drew a map of their country on it and some stickers. I think that would be cool.


I was expecting there to be something specific or blunt on your profile and yet it is very friendly and welcoming! Sorry you’ve had this experience as a relatively new Postcrosser — it is not common at all! As others have said, contact the admins and they’ll sort it out :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank everyone. I have reported it. Feel bad maybe I should have just ignore it.

Anyway thanks again



Don’t feel bad, their email was not only rude but also against the rules, we don’t get to pick & choose who we send to, that wouldn’t be fair on anyone & the system would break down . I’ve seen some very rude & demanding profiles which can put you off wanting to send that person a card, but yours definitely isn’t one of them x


Please, don’t feel bad. It’s important that they understand how participation in Postcrossing works; once a member has drawn an official name, then they are responsible for sending a card to that person. Reporting to an admin was necessary. Otherwise they could go on to continue this same behavior with other members as well.


Plus, that was very mean of them saying that basically you are not worth the stamps to send to. Yes, you did the right thing.


You have nothing to feel bad about. The other person is in the wrong. We draw an address and we are supposed to send the recipient a card. Those are the rules. That person is violating the rules. They should feel bad, not you. I’m glad you reported them. Them not wanting to send you a card could potentially affect all of us. If they don’t want to send to you, then who knows who else they don’t want to send cards to? We don’t get to decide who to send cards to. It’s up to us to show courtesy to everyone, regardless of personal feelings. May you get kinder people sending you postcards. Enjoy the Postcrossing journey!


I wonder what very-specific collection to send this user has. Only dogs and cats and keep-calm-versions? Which still all would fit into the ‘anything’ category.

I also wonder how long they are part of this project (but guess we will never learn that).

Good that you don’t give up, such strange encounters are more than rare, maybe even more rare than the one-penny-black showing hogwarts-train :wink:


I admit, I read the profile (in the morning, before answering here) and only third time I saw the “anything is welcome”, I think it’s now changed. When I first read, it looked like they collect teddy bear, castle and aviation, so for me when I see the “collect”, I think “collector”, and they won’t like other themes. So if I had none of these few themes, I would feel I’m wasting my money. The anything is good -addition was on the bottom of profile, and my mood is already thinking collector :grin: But now it’s there first, looks good.

And of course I know I can send anything, but when seeing “I collect this this and this”, I do think they won’t care about my card if it’s not for their collection.

I suppose the person just didn’t understand, there is the other swap place where you can cancel the swap, I believe, maybe they thought this works the same. Of course we should read the rules well, but it’s not always happening.


This reminds me of pulling the address of the Postcrosser who only likes mermaid cards sent with mermaid stamps :sweat_smile:


I pulled the same mermaid Postcrosser this month!

But her profile is not demanding because she welcome handmade cards!


Oh I don’t think that bit was there when I got it, but I was more entertained than anything! I mean, I get so many profiles that only want tourist view cards, this one at least made me wonder and chuckle!

(It would make for a great square in Postcrossing Bingo :wink:)

I read the profile in the morning (around 9.a.m.) and this was/is literally the 2nd sentence: I will be delighted with whatever type of postcard you send me!

The “collect” doesn’t come up until much later, even after the list of postcard topic suggestions, and isn’t (IMO) related to postcards at all, it’s just the things the OP collects besides postcards.

I am genuinely very confused why whoever wrote the message about “cancelling the swap” to the OP, would think they had nothing appropriate to send.


I am now closing this topic.

The TO just wanted to know how he should react.
This question has been answered.