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I would like to send my favourite recipe to the next person I send a postcard to. But how should I send the recipe? Should I write it down on an extra sheet of paper and put it in an envelope? Should I glue the recipe at the postcard?
Does anyone had send a recipe via Postcrossing and if yes, how?

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You can write the recipe directly on the postcard.
I have already done that a few times.


Hey Bille,
Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately my handwriting is very big and the cards I’m writing on are rather small. I don’t somehow dare to buy big postcards because I think they aren’t allowed. By the way: What maximal size of a postcard is allowed?

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The max size for a postcard from Germany (Deutsche Post) is max 23.5 x 12.5 cm


Another possibility when the recipe doesn’t fit on the card is asking on the card if they would like to receive the recipe through Postcrossing mail. In this way I have not only got a recipe but a friendship too, already for more than 2 years, thanks to this wonderful hobby, Happy Postcrossing :grinning:


@ZHfan here at the forum you will find tags and round robins about food postcards and recipes, swaps here are less strict than at the official side,as you can talk(through private message) with the person you are sending it too, to ask if envelope is ok, or if you can glue the recipe. I find both very valid solutions and I think many will appreciate it.
For the official site you may send in envelope (with a postcard) if the person writes that they don’t mind envelopes.

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You can send a bigger card too, but then you have to pay for a “Großbrief”:

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 13-01-00 Brief _ Postkarte

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Could you write the recipe to the other side, maybe with a photo/drawing how it looks like, so like a handmade recipe postcard (if the receiver likes such). And the other side had normal message and stamp etc.

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I was going to suggest similar for the future. They sale postcards that are blank on one side!

I’ve received postcards with lots of text which was printed via computer (or a note printer?) and glued on the postcard. My handwriting is quite big too, if I wanted to send a recipe I’d type it and stick it on the writing side. :wink:

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Hallo Cassisia,
Thank you for your reply. With “… stick it on the writing side” you mean that you glue the sheet of paper at the postcard?

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Yes, they used glue. Once the paper was secured with washi tape.

You could send the recipe to the first person who says in their profile they like postcards in envelope - so you can add a note with the recipe inside the envelope.

Or maybe you can just introduce the recipe with a couple of sentences on the postcard, and write a link to a web page / blog where you have written the full recipe, maybe with also a picture of it :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Share the recipe right here in this thread and then write the URL on the postcard - that way we all get it!!

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Another option would be to type or print out a recipe on blank postcards (here in the US you can buy these at the post office…message goes on one whole side while stamp and address go on the other) or have them professionally printed and send to folks who list food in their profiles/wishlists

One time I printed out a copy of a recipe and made a flap on the back of my postcard, folded the recipe and tucked it in there and taped it down. On the top part was my message to the recipient. I think that went to Taiwan. She received the card and thought that was very clever. I don’t think my handwriting a recipe would have fit either. This way I wrote them a nice message AND they got a recipe too.

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