Send fridge magnets?

i have seen a lot of profiles where people ask about fridge magnets. i also collect fridge magnets with cityscapes myself, but it seems impolite to ask for them in my profile because i don’t want people to have to buy something for me! is it allowed to ask about such things? and have any of you ever sent something? I’m considering writing that on my profile too, but somehow I feel uncomfortable!


Hello @anon99262397 ,

You can join a tag :wink:

I offer a fridge magnet



Hello @anon99262397

you can also trade them here

But please keep in mind that it is really expensive for you to send them outside from Germany because it isn’t allowed to send them as a letter.
So it costs a least 4,89€ to send them.

only in German

Yes, it is allowed. You can friendly ask for it, but no one has to fulfil your wish.


I also collect magnets (from museums), but personally to me it seems a bit too much to ask for such a thing… I don’t know, usually I don’t send them myself, because contact between postcrossers isn’t deep enough for me to do it. It’s like a small talk or chat. Maybe after exchanging a few letters with someone it would be more natural to me.
But it’s only my approach, asking costs nothing. Maybe someone will be willing to fulfill your wish. :slightly_smiling_face:

I definitely recommend tags if you want something specific.


Dear @anon99262397 ,

You also can check the Round Robins :


Maybe you will find a Round Robin.
example : this one

I don’t send anything besides a postcard on the official site. As @holeanta stated, the connection isn’t deep enough for me. It’s just a brief contact.

And to be honest, I don’t particularly like it, when profiles ask about magnets, coins and other trinkets.

The different tags and RRs in this forum are the right place for this.


This is written in Help and F.A.Q.

What can I send on Postcrossing?
Postcrossing is a postcard exchange community, so each exchange that you make must include at least one postcard. It can be a postcard you bought in a store or a handmade postcard, as long as it hasn’t been previously used.

If you want, you can also send other things with your postcard (for instance, a letter, photo or pamphlet). However, this isn’t required nor expected of you: the only thing you have to send in Postcrossing is a postcard.

So yes, you are allowed to wish for non-postcard and include non-postcard item(s) in your sending card.

I don’t wish for non-postcard items since I love my card written and stamped but there were 2 times where a Bulgarian member sent me coin and a Chinese member sent me phone card together with the postcards.

I have never sent fridge magnet but I often send coin, tea bag, ticket, photo and bookmark within envelope. Many members love surprise in envelope. I just love to share.


As I collect magnets, I have put in my profile that if people want to swap, they can contact me. But I don’t ask for it!


I share the same thoughts with the previous answers: you can always ask, but I at least find it little annoying to get profiles asking for extras. You can however always word it more like “contact me if you want to swap magnets”. In that way you are not really asking, but still letting people to know you would be up for a swap. There are lot of members who also likes to include other little gifts with the cards (which why I had to write…uh, anti-request on my profile)


I would never send a fridge magnet, it would be so expensive as they are so heavy! (Plus the cost of the magnet). Sometimes there are some really thin ones which at least wouldn’t be so heavy so less expensive, but still - the more I spend for one person, the less I have for others (okay right now for me money is not much of a problem but I still have that mindset).

It’s true that for a penpal or someone I’ve had more of an interaction with, then I would do it (and certainly I have done it for long-term penpals over the years).

I don’t like any requests made on profiles, the deal is send a postcard. Of course if they are nice requests I don’t get annoyed or anything, I just ignore them most of the time.


For the regular postcards I don’t send anything else than a postcard, since I don’t like to put them in an envelope.
For tags, swap and pen-pals, of course, is different, I can send a magnet if I want or if someone asks me.

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[Here comes Captain Killjoy…] Before you send magnets, remember to check your postal service’s guidelines for mailing them! (Depending on how strong the magnet is, it can stick to mail processing equipment and really ruin someone’s day. :joy:) Usually, the thin, flexible kind are not a problem, but it’s always good to check in advance. When in doubt, ask a postal clerk!


All suggestions are worth looking into especially when it isn’t required of anyone except to send a stamped postcard. The above -mentioned suggestion I quoted is very polite.

Even better the Round Robins, Tags, Trade are all perfect alternatives! :heart:

I do hope you start a tag on magnets!

That is my sentiment exactly. I checked my profile recently to add more expiration IDs, and there was a highlighted reminder to abide by the rules when filling out the bio.

I wish the powers that be can flag and request post crossers who are way way over the top to lighten up and pair down the list. Or LIMIT space or characters.

I think the “requests” are a sensible subject, as many may read it and just ignore it, but sometimes I feel that some cultures see it as “impolite” towards the user if they don’t comply with the request… it’s kind as a veiled obligation to them…

I think it’s acceptable to mention if scraps of paper (tickets, etc) are appreciated, things that will not weigh down your envelope. But magnets? Too expensive to buy and to mail… But a mention of a swap would be ok. And as many have said, there’re the tags!!


I am a big fan of magnets besides postcards,but I cannot send my magnets out as the postage to send magnets from China is not rational,therefore I can not exchange magnets :joy: