Send a Little Joy! Canada Post #WriteHereWriteNow cards available free to Canadian Postcrossers

Hello fellow Canadian Postcrossers!
If you liked the #WriteHereWriteNow :postcard: , you can request ONE free from Canada Post to mail out during the holiday season. Free shipping … of course! :wink:


If you read the fine print there Helen, it says one card per address, not the set, lol

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Of course … always some fine print, eh? :frowning:

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If they’re trying to eliminate their stock, maybe they should give out in volume? :dancer:


Thank you for letting us know about this, @HookedonPostcards! Somehow the postie missed my entire apartment building when these free postcards were distributed previously. It’s lovely to have a second chance to receive one. I wouldn’t have known about this except for your post! Much appreciated!

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Maybe tell everyone you can in your building about it … that way, they’ll get one now… :postcard: