Selling postcards/suggestions

hey, to everyone. I’m Caterina and I’m 16. I’ve been into postcrossing for 1 year now, I so love postcards, that I decided to start an online shop.
would you buy smth at my shop, what themes would you like? give me some ideas?
Is 0.30€ a good price for a postcard?
Will it good if I make an instagram shop?


Wow that’s awesome
If you open an online shop for postcards I’ll definitely buy from you. What I suggest, except what I see here (which are all awesome btw), is monuments and theme cards.
Like, cards with animals, or with sea, or books, musical instruments, theatres and such things (these are just some things that I like).
I’d also love to see in a postcard shop, movie themed cards like Harry Potter, Avengers and such things but I guess it’s not easy because of the copyrights and things. When you make that shop, give me the link, I’ll definitely buy from you.
As for the price, I only take cards from touristic shops so I don’t know about online, but 0.30€ seems like a good price :))

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Maybe you could also translate the “Welcome to…”.

@Caterina, do you own the copyrights of those images?


welcome to… images i took on Pinterest
and the other I took those photos

Good point. Copyright infringement is not a trival offence.

There are literally TONS of Free Images available Online . free to use…no copyright restrictions.

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Definitely make sure you’re using freely-used images. Even some websites like Unsplash have requirements like “Photos cannot be sold without significant modification.”

i Just read, if i take pictures from Pinterest. there’s no copyright. so that’s ok

and if really open a shop. would. you buy smth? is 0.30€ for a postcard a good price?

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Just be careful because you aren’t suppose to post copyrighted material, but it is still done.

As a consumer, this is a great price! As an entrepreneur, I recommend checking out the cost of other postcard sellers on Etsy (or wherever you plan to sell) because this price is very low compared to others.


I’m right now living in Ukraine, so the prices are very low for the paper and atc. so 0.30€ is a good price and it will attract foreign customers i think so

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These are awesome things to think about. I’m excited to see what you produce. Please share your shop when you have it up.

That’s not true at all. People pin copyrighted images to Pinterest all the time. It’s up to you to make sure the work you’ve chosen is allowed for use at all, and then for commercial use specifically.


0,30€ is very cheap.
Does it cover the postcard to be printed? Where do you get them printed and how many they print (do they have minimum order)? Do you have experience of their quality? Do you have room for storage? Your time (do you have time for this, taking orders, packing them, sending them, replying customers and their feedback, will you get help from someone)? Taxes? The web shop (I would not order through instagram, but many do)? The postage? How are the payments done securely? How do you mail them? Returns?

About the cards, the two ones without text seem not very sharp, but might be different when printed.
And the layout of the two upper ones, I would not keep the text so close to the image (like the “Hola”, I’d prefer to move it to the left). Also, I would not underline the “welcome” text, and not use two different fonts in big texts in a postcard size product, because it gives a little restless impression. Maybe the welcome would look nice in smaller font, under the greeting?
Perhaps, try making many different arrangements and have them printed and see what looks best to you?

There are so many opinions as people, I think :slight_smile: so it’s also important that you like them, and are proud of them, right?

And definitely don’t trust if you read somewhere pictures from Pinterest are ok to use.

I’m new at all this so I’m trying my best. next week I’ll receive my paper for the postcards and I’ll try to print some. if it will be of a good quality. I’ll open my shop. first I’ll start via Instagram as there’s no taxes. and then if all will be good. I’ll do a website. i have a website done but I can’t lunch it until I’m sure there will be customers and also I’ll have to pay 25€ monthly. that’s a lot for me😅

I mean your income tax? Aren’t you supposed to pay it regardless of where/what platform you use to sell items/services?


on instagram no

While selling postcards which is considered commercial use, it’s best to use your own images, copyright-free images or take permission from the image-holder. The second image you’ve posted belongs to Zina Lugai.


thanks a lot I’ll get in contact with her :smile: