Self-inking stamp

Can a member help me? I am trying to find the self-inking stamp that made this on a postcard I received. I have searched the net and am unable to locate where I can buy one.

There must be someone who makes these. What a great idea, and it would save so many frustrating minutes trying to decipher the numbers?

Thanks in advance Colin


Maybe this might help?


Great stamp.
Have you already asked the user who used this stamp on his card?


Its similar

Hello and thank you. Yes, I have messaged them twice. :heavy_check_mark:They might be away on leave.

Yes :heavy_check_mark:thank you. I might have to get this one but to have the date one side and the PC ID number the other is just the best. I have sent the image to pen pals and friends and no go. They want one too, when I track them down. Cheers

Yes, thank you but I have sheets of ID stickers and also ID rubber stamps. I will keep trying.:grinning:

You just received the card only two days ago.
Please be more patient and let them time to answer…


It can also be sort of small “letter press” where you individually insert the numbers instead of rotating, like here:

I have this style, and it’s somewhat a task to get the numbers there.

Also, there are individual frames, numbers etc. that you can put on an acrylic block, and change the small image and id number.

Or, premade frame, where you have room for id stamps etc (which can be individual stamps, but with same colour ink it can look like one stamp).
Like this style:

If it’s one self inking, it should have two rotating stamps.
It can be custom made, so if the person is not answering, I would ask some rubber stamps maker what this would cost.


Thank you for the information. I imagine it would be two roller type stamps similar to a date stamp where you can rotate a wheel to change the numbers. There would need to be two wheels side by side and the ID one would have a choice of two letters, eg: AU or DE, before the numbers. I hope I have explained it correctly. It might be custom made and that is a good thought. Thank you again.

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Papersisters have some stamps check there.

Thank you for the good information. I will probably buy this ID self-inker and then buy a date stamp. Two separate stamps, which will be OK!

Maybe buy the id stamp first, if you have no experience, and see if you will use it?

I have a date stamp, and even with so little numbers, I sometimes put a wrong number, like 13th day becomes 31st, I stamp it up side down, or it slides in some cards, looking ugly, or I put my hand over it, smearing it.

The date stamp is cheaper, and if you use it, and are not like me, then the id stamp is likely to be used. Personally I love the id stamp idea, but thinking how rarely I use my date stamp, I know I would not use it, or it would take so much time to roll the correct id :blush:

(I am not hinting you are like me :hugs: I have always had a date stamp (when the old one didn’t have correct year, I bought a new one even when I knew my troubles with it) and sometimes I like to use it, so maybe I would get used to the id stamp too.)