Seed Paper Postcards

I have these amazing seed paper postcards, that the recipient can wet and plant that grow wildflowers . I’ve searched the forum and don’t see any discussions about them . Does anyone know if these are acceptable to send internationally ( from the US) ? I know seeds can be a customs nightmare , but wasn’t sure if there was anything regarding seed paper .


If it can grow an actual plant it’s just as restricted as actual seeds.


Can I ask where you purchased these?


You’re not allowed to mail seeds?

a local giftshop. They are marked green field paper company if that helps :slight_smile:

there are restrictions on mailing seeds to some countries.


i kind of thought it might be restricted. shame. i suppose i could use them for us addresses , except florida .

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Due to the potential risk to domestic agriculture, many countries have strict restrictions on importation of plant and animal products, and seeds are at the top of their no-no lists. Heck, even with the US, there are some agricultural controls between certain states and territories (such as Hawaii and California).


Wow, I am an outlaw


Why Florida? I mailed a seed packet once in an envelope to another country , then wondered if I should have, well it arrived safely but after checking, realized that seeds were restricted to mail to that country.

The Keys in florida have super strict agriculture rules. I used to live there :slight_smile:


Ok , I wasn’t aware of that, thanks

I’ve not seen seed cards (great idea!) but I have seen greeting cards made from sheep or elephant poop! :flushed: Would they be restricted for sending by mail?

No offense, but I would hope so. :joy:

And to clarify, we’re not discussing restrictions on sending stuff by mail, but across borders.

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I have sent seed-papered greeting cards before, but only domestically, and only within the lower 48 states. This is mostly because the card is protected by an envelope, and many of these companies use native wildflower species. Since my friends are mostly in the same eastern/central US, I feel it is less risky to send them a seed-paper card, and I’ll sometimes even send it as part of a gift parcel for further protection, especially if the weather has been particularly nasty/wet lately.

I say lower 48 in particular, because while it’s still domestic service to send mail to Hawaii, they’re notoriously strict about “agricultural products” (as they should be). We weren’t even allowed to fly back home with a singular banana as a snack in our backpack. I would definitely not send seed paper mail items internationally, in an envelope or otherwise.

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@naclepineys do you still have anymore of these cards?

No i was able to trade them

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I might have to buy some to add to my special/unusual material collection lol

So I’d love to know which countries accept this kind of postcards. I was going to buy some but I have to make sure that it is acceptable before sending.

(But how could the Custom identify the seeds from a cardboard?)

I think they use the X ray scanner and sniffer dogs. (People are trained to spot plant related parts and dogs the smell.)