Second card received when I've already registered the first one

This is strange. I received a card from Russia today, clearly postmarked 19 04 21. I couldn’t register it, and thought the ID number was too old now, starting with RU-80…

I filled in the ‘get help with registering a card’ form, which immediately told me that I had registered this card already.

It turns out that this person sent me a card which arrived and was registered on 7 April after travelling for 200 days. Then, on 19 April, she sent me another one with the same ID number. I found the first card and checked the handwriting and message, and yep, it’s the same person.

The first card is up on her ‘sent’ statistics. So why send me another one 12 days later? (It’s a shame I can’t register the second one, as it’s a nice card.)

Maybe she mailed the second card before 7 April but it was processed by postal worker on 19 April


I think it’s clearly a second card because the first one seemed lost. Russian postmarks are not necessarily the date you think they are, but I don’t remember how, maybe someone else can explain.

Or maybe she had already written the second one when you registered the first, but was delayed sending and since it was ready she sent it anyway…


I just would send the sender a nice message and would tell them how happy you are!

Btw. one person sent me once a second postcard the next day, saying it would better fit to me. I was gratefully and sent a card in return. and that was the beginning for a penpal friendship which lasts since over 4 years!


Why don’t you ask her?


As @linos203 said: Send a nice thank you message.
And maybe you can ask for the adress and send a thank you card.

You can make a picture from both cards together and upload it on the wall.
That would be a very nice gesture.


I have sent her a nice thank you message. Thanks for the replies to this topic.

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