Searching for postcards through keywords

I suggest letting people tag postcard about what’s the card is about and users would be able to search under postcard for those subjects. Ex Harry Potter, moon, Disney, Polar bears, Donald Trump, Abba etc and see a list of postcards related to that tag. :grinning:


I would love that too!


I was just thinking that this afternoon :grin:


But I sugguest more of a public database instead of private.

Another easy way could be to write keywords into the existing postcard description field and use the search function on the website to find postcards tagged with this keyword. This way it is not necessary to add a new tag field to the postcard page. Tags are also some kind of description, aren’t they?

EDIT: Just tried that and it doesn’t work. The search function seems to only search in blog entries and profiles, but not in postcard descriptions. But I guess this would be easy to change.


I like this idea too, but I would prefer it if there were a pool of tags to choose from to prevent useless tags like “received 2021”, “totally love this”, some misspelling or an overly-detailed description that only applies to one card. A “suggestion” box would allow new, useful tags (e.g. for a new film, or for a popular category that doesn’t exist yet) to be generated when enough requests are received.

Additionally, an upper limit to the number of tags per card would hopefully prevent people from tagging every card with every tag to gain more views/likes. To avoid mis-tagging, I suggest a system where viewers can flag a wrong tag and after (for example) twenty flags that tag is removed while the others remain.

Ideally, the tags would be internally linked so that tagging a card with a sub-category (“Harry Potter”) would also make it appear in broader searches (“People”,“Film”, etc.) and vice versa. Users should have a “never show me tags” option if they don’t like the system. Whether it makes sense to let users tag other users’ cards, I don’t know.


I’ve been thinking about this since I started!
It would be really nice and helpful to find cards to favourite or just to enjoy, based on what’s in the card.

And I agree with some of you that there should be some rules, like:

  1. Keep the tags (keywords) for the card to a max 3 or 5. (Say you have a vintage black and white card with a cat. You could use the tags # vintage, # cat and # b&w, to fit all of those!

  2. Have a pool of words to use to avoid wrongful use and misspellings. In the beginning it could be just a few words, still better than scrolling endlessly through cards from “USA” , when I could just search “movie”.

  3. You couldn’t tag a country, because that is already an option we have.

  4. You would must to use at least one keyword/tag. Maybe postcrossing would when downloading the picture, suggest the most common ones used? So it would be easy for everyone. What do you think?

I don’t have anything else to add expect that I really think this idea would work and I would love to see all the gorgeous postcards I’m missing right now because I can’t search for a subject.


I love this idea! I would also suggest having tags for popular collections of cards (Blue Cats, Greetings From, etc) that would be searchable site-wide and by specific user. So many members, especially forum members, have particular favourites and preferences that it could be very useful.


This is a great idea, particularly when your interests are not that common, like “science” or “biology” in my case. This way one could be able not only to find postcards of a certain topic but also people with common interests.
Of course, this also would be the perfect penpal-finding tool for people that like “graveyards” and “toilets” :rofl:


I love the idea! :two_hearts:


Yes, that would be a really good thing! :blush:


I really enjoy perusing the gallery looking for inspiration for painting ideas. I can see there is a drop down menu so that we can search by country but is it possible to search by type of postcard? Vintage, scenic view, quotes, floral, cats, Meet Ups,etc, etc. When uploading a card we could tick a box or two to put it in a category/theme.


That would be nice.


I’ve been thinking this as well. Although I’m new here it seems strange to me that after so many years there is no way of searching for specific types of cards, either by style or subject. I also wonder why people need to keep albums in other online sites or resources, while there is no option to do so here.

Has the admin of this site ever addressed why something like this can’t be implemented?