Scroll bar on main pages?

I apologize if this topic has already been covered, but I didn’t find anything when I did a search. Is it possible to add a scroll bar (up/down) option to the main pages under each section? There is the scroll bar on the individual topics to help you navigate, but that doesn’t exist in the main pages.

For example, I wanted to go to the end of the tags list to see if I could bring any “back to life”. I used my browsers scroll bar, but I would get to the end of the bar, wait for part of the page to load an catch up with my actions, and then repeat until I made it to the end of the list. If there were the scroll bar on the main page I could simply click on the end of the scroll bar and get taken to the bottom of the list of topics.

I really miss the page numbers. It was easier to navigate since there was a lot of information and you could check it out in short sections. (I know, now I’m being picky.) Of course, I think part of the issue could be cleared up by giving the non-postcard tags their own section in the forum. But now I’m getting off my main request; any chance of a scroll bar on the main pages that have a lot of topics?

is good I found one

You can click on “Activity” on the right and then on the small arrow next to it, then you will find the topics that have not been used for the longest time directly under the pinned topics.

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@Bille thank you!

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