Scolded by card receiver

Hello fellow Postcrossers!

Today I had a distressing experience- I sent a card in a round robin to someone. They received the card, and in the forum publicly thanked me for the card. Then they sent me a private message- “Hi Josh, today I received your postcard, but was not happy…” They then said that it was obvious that I did not check their profile before sending their card and that it was really disappointing and that I should be more fair next time. I think what bothered me the most was that they wanted me to be appreciative that they contacted me directly instead of calling me out publicly on the forum.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? It really bothers me because in my past 4 months on Postcrossing I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences. I’ve sent over 250 cards in tags, round robins, and main exchange without any problems, and I love that Postcrossing is my safe happy place away from the world without any drama!

I responded to the receiver (whom I sent 2 cards to previously) and listed the details from his profile that led me to choose the card I did. (So, yes, I checked his profile before sending) I also explained that at any one time I have only a certain amount of cards to choose from and that I send what I think is the most appropriate for what I have. I also told him maybe if he gets something he doesn’t care for he should shrug his shoulders and move on. I’ve gotten some amazing cards that I’ve loved, and some cards…well, that I wasn’t excited about but I’ve never thought to contact the sender to let them know that.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else out there? Is it possible that there is some cultural difference and it wasn’t meant as hostile as it came across? Sorry, part of me just needs to vent. Thanks!


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